Foreign Companies hands in banning Ilmenite Export

Ilmenite Export was banned by some State and Central Government officials in the name of controlling illegal mining.  Very big companies of developed countries are involved in this Ban. Those who could not able to compete with Indian Companies in terms of quality and supply schedule , they use this illegal tactics to control Indian Export.  Already some people made complaints to the government to enquire about this.  But now the government is run by officials and upper cast people.  They don’t know about the pain of the employees. Thank to the media who bring the impact to light. One of the News published is given below.

Copy of mail send to Ecologist for one adverse news published about Tamilnadu Beach Mineral Mining

From: Pauldurai Perumal <>
Date: Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 10:41 AM
Subject: Objection to your Article on 08.2.18 as “They stole the beach’ – the major mafia that almost nobody wants to talk about”


            This has reference to your article on 08.02.2018 as “They stole the beach’ – the major mafia that almost nobody wants to talk about”

              In your article you have referred lot of beaches. You mentioned about the beach mineral mining in Tamilnadu. One of the person mentioned by you is Mr. Ravi Shankar, who is non-other, but the husband of paid news reporter Mrs. Sandhya Ravi Shankar.  We send our objection relating to the news of beach mineral mining in Tamilnadu.

In fact, Sandhya Ravishankar is gang member who are threatening industrialist in a modern way and demand money. They all are criminals.  Retired IAS officers and IPS officers also in the part of gang.  They will collect money and share among them. A small portion is spend to the fellow reporters and some digital shell media’s. Some printed media’s who did not receive any advertisement from Mr.S.Vaikundarajan group companies also joined with them. The officers who are in service also by misusing the power do some wrong. You can see the video available in   which will establish that, one district Collector has done wrong as per the advice of the Retd. IAS officer who is also a gang member. You can also find out the documents and complaint petition against the District Collector on the above said website.

A sizeable gang joined hands and is continuously harassing VV Mineral and its owner Mr. Vaikundarajan. This gang operates FOR MONEY  comprises of VVM competitor Daya Devadas, an ILLEGAL MINOR, and retired government officials like Ramanujam, IPS, Sundaram, IAS, Prof.Victor Rajamanickam, Danuskodi Adithan, EX.Central Minister and also some officers in power. Sandhya Ravisankar joined this gang through her close friend Radhika, daughter of Sundaram. The above combo of rivals of VV Mineral with paid news writers Sandhya Ravishankar and more freelancers, brings up false allegations against VV Mineral. The ultimate motive is to spoil the fame of Mr. Vaikundarajan and to destroy his business and to prejudice the judiciary as well as Government against VV Mineral.  Sandhya’s Husband company delta4cast  demand some contract in News-7 Tamil which belongs to VV Mineral Group company. Since Ravishankar demand was not complied, both husband and wife spread false stories in various ways. This personal enmity also one of the reason.

Sandhya Ravisankar has been continuously placing false allegations against VV Mineral, without any proof. Already Sandhya published a false news in the Economic Times, when we send reply they themselves accept that, the facts are not verified and published clarification available in

In the Mafia Gang, some Retired IAS, IPS officers also members including Mr.Ramanujam, Retd. DGP. Ramanujam and Sandhya Ravishankar will regularly meet in a coffee shop namely ANOKHI CAFÉ opposite to Park Plaza Hotel in the smoking zone and they prepare the criminal plan. When VV Mineral take steps to file criminal case, to avoid the same, Sandhya has filed a civil case against the company which is also pending.

Lot of documents, evidences and reply to the wild allegations made by Sandhya and other shell medias for money all are available in the following links.

You can find out the same.

All the reported matters on “beach Mineral mining in Tamilnadu” in your article are absolutely farcical and bereft of truth in them.  Due to business rivalry and   personal jealousy and animosity,  the former Union Minister Thiru. Dhanushkodi Adithan associated company’s (M/s.Indian Garnet Sand Company) one of the partners viz., Thiru Dhayadevadoss in collusion with the said Union Minister’s political influence  has been in the habit of spreading false  reports through all types of media.  All these reports are totally false and baseless.  The 100% verification reports of the officials of Central and State Governments in the past  will testify to the fact that the reports being circulated through the media are farce and nothing but false.  In so far as beach sand mineral concessions are concerned, clearances from as many as 10 various departments of both Central and State Governments have to be necessarily obtained as per the mandates of the “statutory rules” without which no mining leases for beach mineral sand can be obtained and operated.

           All  the allegations levelled against M/s.V.V. Mineral were all examined in detail  by  various authorities then and there and all the report copies were obtained under RTI and posted in our website .

           In fact, in Tamilnadu except Govt., of India Company, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) , all the private beach mineral mining lessees has obtained Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Clearance from Govt., of India and other Govt., agencies.

            For your information during 2004, Tsunami in Tamilnadu, except private mining lease area, Govt., company mining lease areas are affected. Particularly more than 400 people died in a Govt., Company mining lease area village Colachel of Kanyakumari District, as, their operation is without getting CRZ clearance.

            Thanks to National Green Tribunal (NGT), which stayed the operations of all the beach mineral mining lessees without CRZ Clearance.

            In your article, you have mentioned that lot of quantity have been illegally mined and transported. In fact there is no need for this. All over Tamilnadu total 61 beach mineral mining leases granted to private companies. Out of which five mining lease belongs to Mr. Dhanuskodi Adithan Ex.Congress Central Minister Group were determined by Government for illegal mining of 3.9 million M.Tons. You can see the same from

            You have mentioned that, export is made after the stoppage of mining operation. Is there any restriction to export the existing royalty suffered minerals available with the lessees and reflected in the stock register prior to the stoppage?

            In India already satellite Remote Sensing facilities are established by Govt., of India, Ministry of Mines. It will find out the illegal mining and send report to the State Government. So there is no possibility for illegal mining.

            Therefore, your report against  beach sand mining in Tamilnadu may be collected from some Indian Medias who are dancing according to our competitors tune. A section of Medias are here to write against Tamilnadu private mining lessees for which they have get remuneration. If you go through our association website   you can find out lot of information about the motive and nexus behind this false news spread against our members.

 One of our member VV Mineral have filed two criminal cases against Sandhya Ravi Shankar for misreporting the facts, and it is still pending.  She also filed one civil case against VV Mineral, which is also still pending in the City civil court, Chennai.

Everybody knows that the work allotted to Sandhya Ravishankar is to make negative and false stories against Tamilnadu beach mineral industries particularly VV group companies and thereby prejudice the judiciary. Whenever there is a hearing in the High court,  she will aptly publish a false story just to prejudice the judges and create undue influence on the judges. This is what Sandhya are paid for and that is exactly what she has done so far.

Her husband also creating the fake stories and hand over the same to Malayalam media which are close to her husband. We believe that they get remuneration for this stories from  overseas competitors also.

Since the pending case will be listed for hearing in the  High Court very near, she and her husband and other gang members make this para reflect on your article.

            So Please go through the above said links and find out the real fact and motive about this people who are writing for money and  publish our objection in your website.


N.Pauldurai @ Perumal


Authorization given to Indian Bureau of Mines officials under the New MCDR, 2017

MOM Gazettee reg IBM officials power delegation

கதிர்வீச்சு அனைவரும் தெரிய வேண்டிய உண்மைகள்

radiation – our permanent friend broucher

Within 5 years VV Mineral exceeds, Central Govt., Company IRE Ltd in Ilmenite production

Indian Rare Earths Ltd, Manavalakurichi, Tamilnadu  a Central Govt., company was in the mineral sand field from 1965.  Private parties are permitted to enter in Ilmenite production only during 1998. Accordingly our member company VV Mineral get permission and commence Ilmenite production from 2001. In 2005, IRE Ltd, Manavalakurichi produce 90,000 M.Ton of Ilmenite. Whereas, VV Mineral produce 2.5 Lakhs M.Ton of Ilmenite. In total world production, the Govt., company production is less than 1%, whereas, VV Mineral world production is 2.5%. It is pride not only to our Association. But to our State and Central Government also.

International Mineral Magazine TZMI mentioned the facts in its report in the name of “The Titanium Industry in India” which is given below.

Titanium industry in India – TZMI report 2005


IDCOL-IREL forms joint venture for beach sand mining in Odisha

IDCOL-IREL forms joint venture for beach sand mining in Odisha

The state run Industrial Development Corporation of Odisha Limited (IDCOL) on Wednesday signed a joint venture agreement with Indian Rare Earth Ltd (IREL) for implementation of Rs 450 crore beach sand mining project.

The state run Industrial Development Corporation of Odisha Limited (IDCOL) on Wednesday signed a joint venture agreement with Indian Rare Earth Ltd (IREL) for implementation of Rs 450 crore beach sand mining project.

The joint venture company with 49 percent share of IDCOL and 51 percent equity of IREL, will be operational in the name of IREL-IDCOL Limited. It will apply for the fresh lease of beach sand and to explore and mine the same, said Odisha’s Industries secretary Sanjeev Chopra.

He said the joint venture company would provide employment to about 400 people. As per the pre-feasibility report, development and construction period is about 24 months and pay-back period is about five years. It will also open an area for new downstream units using the product of the project, Chopra said.

IDCOL had earlier signed an MoU with IREL in 2015 regarding the formation of this JV Company.

 The joint venture company will apply for lease of beach sand from Gopalpur in Ganjam district to Brahmagiri area in Puri district to explore and mine the same. A mineral separation plant will be set up with an estimated project cost of 450 crore.

Its construction period is about 24 months and pay-back period is about 5 years. It will create employment opportunity for 400 people in different categories.

Stating that Odisha has a large reserve of beach sand minerals in its coastal stretches, Chopra said ilmentite is the largest constituent of the deposit and most of them remain untapped in the state.

According to 2011 report of the Ministry of Mines, Odisha has the third largest deposit of ilmenite in the country. Andhra Pradesh has the biggest deposit followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu at the second spot. In Odisha major deposit has been identified near Chhatrapur in Ganjam district and Brahmagiri in Puri district.

Though India has 18 percent ilmenite deposit globally, production of it has been poor, ilmenite production is the highest in Tamil Nadu followed by Odisha.

Earlier, IDCOL had applied for the mining licence (ML) and prospecting licence (PL) to the Government of Odisha for beach sand mining over an area of 5995.198 hectare in different villages along Ganjam coast.

The IREL, which has been operating mining separation units at Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Odisha, had evinced interest to form a JV with the IDCOL for development of Beach Sand Mining.

தவறான உத்தரவு பிறப்பித்த முந்தைய மாவட்ட ஆட்சியரை தண்டிக்காமல் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட நிர்வாகத்தை தண்டிப்பது என்ன வகையில் நியாயம்!!!

No power to District Collector under MCDR – Information Commission confirmed

No power to Collector under MCDR – Information Commission conirmed

No information available regarding powers delegated to District Collector to take action about mining plans approved by AMD

No powers have been delegated to district Collector or the District Level Committee or the Deputy Director of Geology and Mining of the District to initiate action for the violations of mining plans approved by AMD under provisions of Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 1988 or MCDR, 2017 with respect to Garnet, Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Silimanite and Leucoxene minerals – Such informations are not available with AMD.  They replied vide their letter dated 13.10.2017. This for the members kind information.

No power delegation to collector – AMD lr

Our objection mail to New Indian Express Article “Greed for atomic minerals to leave Tamilnadu in peril”

From: Pauldurai Perumal <>
Date: Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 8:26 AM
Subject: Objection to your article “Greed for atomic minerals to leave Tamilnadu in peril”



The Editor,

New Indian Express,




This has the reference to the article in your paper under the heading “Greed for atomic minerals to leave Tamilnadu in peril” is damaging the entire beach minerals industry in India and Tamilnadu in particular without any understanding of the issues involved. The article links the MOEF notification to totally unconnected report of the amicus curie appointed by the court  is subjudice.


We are bringing to your attention that the use of the  word “horrific” amendment mentioned in the article shows that the article written without any understanding of the reality and the meaning of the notification. Mining of atomic minerals/ rare minerals are already permitted activity in CRZ, the only requirement was that clearance needs to be obtained.


The article mentions that Tamilnadu has the highest concentration of the monazite mineral which is not really true. The monazite content is very high only in Manavalakurichi,   west coast of Kanyakumari district and not throughout Tamilnadu. The said Manavalakurichi area is leased to IRE Ltd, a Govt., company. The East coast area were leases granted to private companies content monazite percentage less than 0.5%. As per the Atomic Minerals Concession rules 2016, wherever the monazite content in the total heavy mineral (THM) is more than 0.75%, only the government entities are allowed to mine and produce the minerals and no private entity is allowed to mine such deposits.


Another  apprehension is that these resources may land up in foreign soil. India has almost one third of the world’s reserves of ilmenite mineral, but accounts for a mere 4% of global production. There is huge growth potential for BSM in India, but until now it has  not received the  focused attention of the Governments to develop this industry. The strategic importance of these minerals and the possible downstream industries to produce value added products from Ilmenite,  zircon and monazite remains an untapped opportunity till now. If these can be achieved will give  a boost  to the manufacturing sector and economic development of the country with significant revenues. Monazite contains 0.35% of uranium, 8-10% of thorium and 65% rare earths. Rare Earth is today’s sought after material and China is dominating the world with a 95% share. Just now only Indian Govt., get the technology from Japan for cracking monazite. Accordingly IRE Ltd is establishing the same in Orissa State. The statement that “Tamilnadu has already been plundered violating CRZ norms “ is not at all true. It is worth mentioning that only Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) is mining on the beach and as a public sector, without getting CRZ clearance. All the private mining lessees have obtained  CRZ clearances and comply the terms and conditions. Hence it is not possible to plunder due to strict guidelines being followed. For your information, during Tsunami more than 400 persons died in IRE Ltd mining lease area surrounding villages. Whereas there is no causality near the private mining lease areas, since they follow the CRZ norms strictly.


Another point mentioned is that maximum erosion occurred at Sippikulam, Kalaignanapuram and Periasamypuram zones. So far no beach sand mining activity is going on these areas. This itself makes it clear that the erosion is not due to beach sand mineral mining and there is no evidence so far to prove that beach sand minerals mining is causing erosion. You know very well that beach erosion is a global issue due to Global warming. You yourself has published number of articles about this. The scientist you mentioned Dr.Chandrasekar is close friend Dhayadevadas, he has created forgery documents to support Dhayadevadas and Govt., also ordered enquiry about him. We are ready to furnish the above details to you. For your information there is no sea erosion in any of the private beach mineral mining lease areas, since they follow the CRZ conditions strictly.


It is mentioned “ that no comprehensive study has been brought to public forum about the health effects of these radiations. “The incidences of cancer has been rising over the decades and most victims from Manavalakuruchi and Midalam, approach the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvananthapuram or the International Cancer Centre , by CSI Medical Mission at Neyyoor. “These cases are however are not mapped back to radioactivity,” he said claiming that the incidence of the disease is relatively lower the farther one lives from atomic mining areas. This statement shows the total ignorance of the individual who had made it. If the above statement is true, why peoples are affected by cancer in other areas. When the employees who are working full time with this minerals  are not affected, how the general public will affected? The beach sand minerals mining and separation normally removes the radioactive monazite from the background reducing the background radiation which normally affects public. The background radiation levels is normally reduced by a factor of five to ten where the mining is carried out and these had been already studied and recorded by agencies like AERB and BARC.


If the minerals occurring on the coast if not mined when accretion happens, is normally carried to the neighboring  countries due to the tidal waves and is a loss to the nation.


We request that these facts may also be brought to the attention of the public as well as the concerned departments.

Yours truly



Beach Mineral Producers Assocition