No matter what side of the fence you are on, one must agree that mining is a necessity in our modern world. Without it, we would not be capable of new technologies that allow us to advance; nor would we be able to maintain our current standard of living. So, what would happen if the world suddenly stopped mining tomorrow?


  • Automobiles, both gas and electric would disappear.
  • 27 States would lose 25% of their electricity output.
  • No nails to hammer projects home.
  • No more high rises, bridges, airplanes, trains, or space exploration.
  • Granite, marble, and anything steel in homes would be gone. Formica would make a huge comeback! Oops… it uses a white crystalline compound (borax). No Formica, either!
  • Anything plastic; molded or otherwise.
  • Nuclear energy?
  • Renewables? Well, that can’t happen without mining!
  • Like that Fitbit?
  • No more Televisions.
  • No more smartphones – or phones – period.
  • Computers, unfortunately, also gone
  • Not my Alexa??!!!??
  • No more going to the gym… phew! (at least one good thing would come of it)
  • Some medicines would disappear, and the medical advancements over hundreds of years would disappear. Need a knee replacement? Pacemaker? Dialysis? Surgery? Sorry.
  • Gold and Silver used in pretty much all technology out there – poof! A historical form of money throughout millennium – gone.


We are too far advanced and too accustomed to our lifestyles for that to happen. The recruiting team here at JSG is privileged to work with some of the best clients and candidates out there. These companies and men and women of mining are responsible for the comfort in your life and the advancements in our technology. Instead of complaining about how destructive mining is; think about how deconstructed your world would be.

Source : https://jsginc.com/2022/01/what-would-happen-if-the-world-stopped-mining/

Beach Mineral mining in Tamilnadu only depositional area

Government of India, Central Water Commission in 2016, published one book in the name of “Status report on Coastal Protection  & Development in India”. It contain lot of Information. Particularly in Tamilnadu larger area  of beach is depositional. That is why we can able to collect replenishable deposit without affecting environment as well as coastal area. The book is given below.

India is just like an elephant without knowing its real strength.

Our country India has a coastline of 6000 kms out of which AMD has explored about 2000 kms, with detailed survey completed in 1000 kms alone. This is from speech by Joint Secretary, Atomic Energy Department in a conference on Beach Sand Mineral Policy. This 1000 Kms study establishes that India has 35% of the total world reserves of Ilmenite and Garnet. If all the 6000 kms are studied by AMD in detail, definitely India will have more than 75% of the total world reserve.

In terms of Rare Earth reserve, this 1000 kms detail study establishes 6.9 Million M.Ton. Whereas, China has 44 Million M.Ton reserve. If our government study all the 6000 kms in detail through AMD of Atomic Energy Department, our reserve will goes more than 41 million M.Tons. It means India will have rare earth reserve equal to China. So there is no possibility to threaten USA and other developed countries by China in the name of Rare Earths. We can dominate USA and other developed countries through our Rare Earth reserves. Which prevent AMD or DAE and our Indian Government from studying detail through AMD?  That is 100 million question.

Everyone knows that, Chinese companies alone prevent this through some selected media people and some corrupted officials as well as politicians.  They will send adverse reports to our top commandos. Since they have no idea about this, their reaction is “stop this activities immediately”. This propaganda is made only to avoid India from producing Rare Earth or from carryout exploration work for rare earth all over India. Thus China is enjoying the monopoly position in Rare earth and dominate all the developed countries including USA, Japan etc., Though India has equal to China in terms of reserves, India is now just like an elephant without knowing its real strength.  Will policy makers open their eyes?

I feel to write this while seeing this video link : https://youtu.be/Stoa8f6zXYs




Monazite is not used for any strategic purposes.  RTI reply confirm the same.

Due to the Business motive and to curtail Indian Exporters, the overseas competitors spread systematic rumour that, the monazite is illegally smuggled which  is essential for our nations development, particularly for Atomic Energy and other strategic purposes. Though it is false, to establish the same, we approach Atomic Energy Department to inform how much quantity of monazite mined, and produced and how much Uranium and Thoirum is produced from the Monazite and how much Uranium and Thorium is used by Indian Government. Atomic Energy Department forward the same to IREL their own company, which confirm under RTI reply that, no quantity of monazite or Uranium or Thorium is used either by Government or by IREL. But they export monazite to overseas countries. Copy of the said reply is attached. This will establish that all the media reports and false news spread against private beach mineral producers are vindicative with ulterior  motive.


International Council on Mining and Metals published one report about 18 countries which developed by mining. Unfortunately India is not take place in the above said countries even though we are having 1/3rd of the total world reserves of beach minerals.

Stoppage of Beach Minerals is one of the reason for bad financial situation in Tamilnadu – White paper reveals.

The Tamil Nadu government has issued a white report on the state’s financial situation. The images from that white report are attached here and it is considered as the most important one. That represents the financial condition of the state which has been deteriorating since 2013.

Since then, 50,000 workers lost their jobs at the same time as the beach sand mine was totally shut down due to false allegations. This proves that the beach sand mining strike is one of the main reasons for the deteriorating financial condition of the state. Looking forward with the list, the financial situation has been deteriorated immensely in the period 2019 to 2021. In 2019, the central government seemingly ordered the concurrent cancellation of about 24 per cent of major mineral mining leases across India. That means the federal government canceled 72 of the 328 major mining leases across India. Among these, 64 mining leases are identified to be in Tamil Nadu. Hopefully the situation will be understood by now. What is the reason for Tamil Nadu becoming so bad financially?

The former Tamil Nadu Industry Minister did not write a letter to the Central Government stating that it was wrong for the Central Government to cancel the mining leases without consulting the State Government for its own hostility. However the present government is taking various measures to recover the financial position as earlier as possible. So let’s hope this action is taken as well. And, It is considered a mistake by the Central Government to cancel about 64 mining leases in Tamil Nadu without consulting the Government of Tamil Nadu. The State  Government is requested to write a letter to the Ministry of Mines asking them to withdraw the cancellation order. The above 64 mining leases is estimated to provide employment to 50,000 workers and will mine and export mineral sand to the tune of Rs. 5000 crore per annum. Of this, 28 per cent stands for GST. 10 per cent export tax is owned only by the Central Government. Therefore, GST tax compensation of Rs 1400 crore per annum, export tax compensation of Rs. 500 crore to the Central Government and the loss to the state government is estimated as Rs 200 crore per annum in the form of 3 % royalty and tax on it.

50,000 workers are paid a minimum of Rs 10,000 and a maximum of Rs 30,000.  On this way also Government will get 400 crore rupees a year in GST by spending a portion of their salaries on food, clothing and education to support 50,000 families. With this, the revenue available to the state government through ancillary industries and those who get employment
through this have been affected since 2019. So the state government alone is not responsible for this financial burden worsened. The action of the
present central government is also a factor.

Therefore, to protect the livelihood of a total of 50,000 workers and to fix
the financial position of the Government of Tamil Nadu, The state
government needs to appoint the right officers at the right place and plan
accordingly to restructure this industry.

Tamil Nadu, which has been the largest producer of beach sand in India since 1994, has now slipped to 3rd place due to a misguided order by the Central Government. India, the world’s largest producer of ore sand, is now ranked 5th. If this is the reason why all these incompetent officers are employed in important posts then there is no doubt about the size of the sesame. It is fortunate enough that Tamil Nadu has an unexpected Finance Minister.

Chief Minister Shri.M.K. Stalin has also appointed a good finance minister in accordance to emerge from a similar financial crisis. We therefore hope
that the Finance Minister will take note of the opposite period of the beach sand workers.


Out of 335 operating mining leases 72 private beach mineral mining leases terminated by JS, MOM. This is the reason for negative growth of Indian Economy

The Below list downloaded from Ministry of Mines shows that, total 335 major mineral mining leases including beach mineral mining leases operated all over India on 2017. There is no fresh grant after 2017. But Joint Secretary, Ministry of Mines terminated 72 private beach mineral mining leases vide his order No. 1/1/2019-M.VI dated 01.03.2019 which affects more than one lakh people’s bread winning employment.


More than Rs.4000 Cr/year foreign exchange earnings lose to government in addition to Rs.1200 Cr/year by way of GST as well as Export Duty.  Indian Producers has lost their 40 years developed market share to China and other countries. Foreign investors also lost their faith over India to invest in the mining field.  Only convening of a meeting including beach mineral mining lessees, Atomic Energy Department, Ministry of Mines officials under the Chairmanship of Honourable Prime Minister alone will save 100 year old beach mineral industries and save one lakh families from poverty.