Our objection mail to New Indian Express Article “Greed for atomic minerals to leave Tamilnadu in peril”

Beach Minerals

Oct 14 2017

From: Pauldurai Perumal <president@beachminerals.org>
Date: Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 8:26 AM
Subject: Objection to your article “Greed for atomic minerals to leave Tamilnadu in peril”
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The Editor,

New Indian Express,




This has the reference to the article in your paper under the heading “Greed for atomic minerals to leave Tamilnadu in peril” is damaging the entire beach minerals industry in India and Tamilnadu in particular without any understanding of the issues involved. The article links the MOEF notification to totally unconnected report of the amicus curie appointed by the court  is subjudice.


We are bringing to your attention that the use of the  word “horrific” amendment mentioned in the article shows that the article written without any understanding of the reality and the meaning of the notification. Mining of atomic minerals/ rare minerals are already permitted activity in CRZ, the only requirement was that clearance needs to be obtained.


The article mentions that Tamilnadu has the highest concentration of the monazite mineral which is not really true. The monazite content is very high only in Manavalakurichi,   west coast of Kanyakumari district and not throughout Tamilnadu. The said Manavalakurichi area is leased to IRE Ltd, a Govt., company. The East coast area were leases granted to private companies content monazite percentage less than 0.5%. As per the Atomic Minerals Concession rules 2016, wherever the monazite content in the total heavy mineral (THM) is more than 0.75%, only the government entities are allowed to mine and produce the minerals and no private entity is allowed to mine such deposits.


Another  apprehension is that these resources may land up in foreign soil. India has almost one third of the world’s reserves of ilmenite mineral, but accounts for a mere 4% of global production. There is huge growth potential for BSM in India, but until now it has  not received the  focused attention of the Governments to develop this industry. The strategic importance of these minerals and the possible downstream industries to produce value added products from Ilmenite,  zircon and monazite remains an untapped opportunity till now. If these can be achieved will give  a boost  to the manufacturing sector and economic development of the country with significant revenues. Monazite contains 0.35% of uranium, 8-10% of thorium and 65% rare earths. Rare Earth is today’s sought after material and China is dominating the world with a 95% share. Just now only Indian Govt., get the technology from Japan for cracking monazite. Accordingly IRE Ltd is establishing the same in Orissa State. The statement that “Tamilnadu has already been plundered violating CRZ norms “ is not at all true. It is worth mentioning that only Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) is mining on the beach and as a public sector, without getting CRZ clearance. All the private mining lessees have obtained  CRZ clearances and comply the terms and conditions. Hence it is not possible to plunder due to strict guidelines being followed. For your information, during Tsunami more than 400 persons died in IRE Ltd mining lease area surrounding villages. Whereas there is no causality near the private mining lease areas, since they follow the CRZ norms strictly.


Another point mentioned is that maximum erosion occurred at Sippikulam, Kalaignanapuram and Periasamypuram zones. So far no beach sand mining activity is going on these areas. This itself makes it clear that the erosion is not due to beach sand mineral mining and there is no evidence so far to prove that beach sand minerals mining is causing erosion. You know very well that beach erosion is a global issue due to Global warming. You yourself has published number of articles about this. The scientist you mentioned Dr.Chandrasekar is close friend Dhayadevadas, he has created forgery documents to support Dhayadevadas and Govt., also ordered enquiry about him. We are ready to furnish the above details to you. For your information there is no sea erosion in any of the private beach mineral mining lease areas, since they follow the CRZ conditions strictly.


It is mentioned “ that no comprehensive study has been brought to public forum about the health effects of these radiations. “The incidences of cancer has been rising over the decades and most victims from Manavalakuruchi and Midalam, approach the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvananthapuram or the International Cancer Centre , by CSI Medical Mission at Neyyoor. “These cases are however are not mapped back to radioactivity,” he said claiming that the incidence of the disease is relatively lower the farther one lives from atomic mining areas. This statement shows the total ignorance of the individual who had made it. If the above statement is true, why peoples are affected by cancer in other areas. When the employees who are working full time with this minerals  are not affected, how the general public will affected? The beach sand minerals mining and separation normally removes the radioactive monazite from the background reducing the background radiation which normally affects public. The background radiation levels is normally reduced by a factor of five to ten where the mining is carried out and these had been already studied and recorded by agencies like AERB and BARC.


If the minerals occurring on the coast if not mined when accretion happens, is normally carried to the neighboring  countries due to the tidal waves and is a loss to the nation.


We request that these facts may also be brought to the attention of the public as well as the concerned departments.

Yours truly



Beach Mineral Producers Assocition

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