Complaint against Beach Mineral Companies made by Kumaresan and Dhayadevadas are false. Officials of Taluk Vigilance Committee reported the fact.

Complaint against Beach Mineral Companies made by Kumaresan and Dhayadevadas are false. The company exports only royalty suffered old stock mineral alone. The Mining companies produced the transport permit details to establish their existing stock. No illegal mining. After verifying the documents and field inspection, the Team of officials of the Taluk Vigilance Committee, reject Mr.Kumaresan Complaint.  Since the attached documents are Volume with Transport permit details, the documents are indexed separately.

Radhapuram Taluk Committee Report – RTI


Government of India directed Tamilnadu Chief Secretary to take action against R.Dhanukodi Adithan, Former Minister and M.P. under the provisions of the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper use) Act, 2005 for making complaint against VV Mineral using Govt., of India Emblem bearing letter head

Mr.Dhanuskodi Adhithan was also share holder and director along with Dhayadevadas in Indian Garnet Sand Company which involved Mega Scale Illegal mining. Already as per the direction of the Honourable High Court, Tamilnadu Government take action against the said company. To revenge Mr.Dayadevadas made lot of complaints against all the beach mineral mining lessees in Tamilnadu.  As one attempt Mr.Dhanuskodi Adhithan make complaint to the authorities in letter head which printed Govt., of India emblem which cannot be used by former ministers and former MPs. This amounts violation of the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper use) Act, 2005 and a punishable offence from six months to two years imprisonment.  Mr.S.Vaikundarajan make complaint about this to Govt., of India.

Govt., of India, Home Department directed the Tamilnadu Chief Secretary to enquire about this and to take action in accordance with law. Copy of complaint letter and Govt., of India order to the Chief Secretary is given below.

Govt., of India order

AMD Clarify the MTC System

Atomic Energy Department and AMD dispensed the Monazite Test Certificate from 2007 itself and introduced voluntary MTC procedure. Since there is no clarity the members could not able to get the MTC from the competent authorities. Hence a letter was send to the Director, AMD, Thiruvananthapuram seeking the Clarification. The Officer In Charge Shri.K.Balachandran immediately take action on our representation and send the new form prescribed for obtaining MTC along with his letter No. AMD/BSOI-T/2016/583 dated 27.6.2016. Our greeting to the sincere officer for giving early reply. The letter with format is attached for future use of our members.

AMD Trivandrum lr clarify MTC System


விக்டர் ராஜமாணிக்கம் மற்றும் அவரது சகோதரர் சமாதானம் ஆகியோர் சேர்ந்து அரசு பணத்தை கையாடல் செய்தது பற்றி பிரதமருக்கு புகார் அனுப்பப் பட்டது. அந்த புகாருக்கு இரண்டு வருடம் கழித்து நடவடிக்கை எடுத்திருப்பதாக துறை அதிகாரிகள் பதில் அனுப்பி உள்ளார். புகார் மற்றும்; கிடைக்கப் பெற்ற பதில் உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு..

Dept of science and Tech lr 15.6.16lr to PM

Annexure to the Joint Inspection Report


1-S.O114(E)-CRZ Notification 1991 1 to 12

[pdfviewer width=”600px” height=”849px” beta=”true/false”][/pdfviewer]

2-W.P.No.11971 & 15451-95 Judgement Of By Honble High Court Madras 13 to 44

3-S.O.No.550(E) Dated 21.05.2002 45 to 48


4-G.Os No.156 Dated 08.08.2013 & G.O.173 Dated 17.09.2013 49 to 56


5-W.P No.5386-97 & W.M.P.No.8916-97 & In Writ Appeal No.69 Of 1998 & C.M.P No.423 Of 1998 57 to 82


6-Govt Of India Order No.16-90-2007-M-VI Dated 08-01-2010 & Nagar Committe Report Chapter III 83 to 96


7-Details Of Approximate Replinishment Quanity Of VVM As Per Approved Mining Plan 97 to 102

[pdfviewer width=”600px” height=”849px” beta=”true/false”][/pdfviewer]

8 & 30 Permit details.compressed (1)



9-Commissioner Of Commercial Taxes Letter Dated 23.08.13 199 to 204

10-VOC Port Trust Letter Dated 17-10-2013 205 to 206

[pdfviewer width=”600px” height=”849px” beta=”true/false”][/pdfviewer]

11 Commissioner of Customs letter dt. 27.8.13


13-Letter Dated 21.08.14 availble In Southern Mines Website 269 to 286

14-VVM Legal Notice And News Release In FB 287 to 292

15-Govt Lr To 25 Panchayat Presidents 293 to 294

16-Govt Industries Principal Secretary Letter To Govt Of India Dated 24.11.2004 & 23.07.2013 295 to 344-ilovepdf-compressed

17. Policy On Beach Mineral Notification

17-Policy On Beach Mineral Notified By Govt Of

18-Deccan Chronical News Dated 6.4.15 351 to 352

19-Reply To Parliament Unstarred Question 2654 353-354

20-Tuticorin Port Trust Letter No TRA-STA&R-COMM-12-633 Dated 18.04.2013 355 to 356


21-Dept Of Atomic Energy Press Release No 10-2012 Dated 19.10.2012 357-360


[pdfviewer width=”600px” height=”849px” beta=”true/false”][/pdfviewer]

22-Dept Of Atomic Energy Press Release No 13-2012 Dated 12.12.2012 Of DAE 361 to 366-3

23-AERB Letter Dated 19.12.2012 367 to 370

24-Ministry Of Mines Letter No 656(1)-2013 MDA Dated 8.5.2013 Regarding Sundaram IAS Complaints 371 to 396

25-DAE LetterDated 13.5.2008 Regarding Delist Of Atomic Minerals 397 to 398

26-Central Vigilance Commissioner Letter Dated 11.11.2014 399 to 412

27-TWAD Board Report Regarding Ground Water Available In TN Govt Website 413 to 424

28-Tuticorin District Collector Order No.GM1-141-8-2012 Dated 30.04.2012 Imposing Penalty For 8 Vehicles And Judicial Magistrate Court Notice 3 Numbers 425 to 438

29-Tuticorin District Collector Letter Dated 16.6.09 to RDO Kovilpatti 439 to 440

[pdfviewer width=”600px” height=”849px” beta=”true/false”][/pdfviewer]

31-Photos Taken During The Inspections 441 to 504







Central and State Govt., Officials Joint Inspection Report inspected in Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Kanyakumari Districts from 24.04.2015 to 27.04.2015 about illegal mining and other alleged violations against the private mining lessees and reported that no violations by VV Mineral

0-Joint Inspection Report


Please see Annexures for documents

Kerala Government Chief Secretary requested the Director General of Police to furnish the action take report on the complaint petitioner against Shri.P.Unnirajan IPS, who create false documents against VV Mineral

Kerala CS Direction to DGP

Kerala Governor, Secretariate directed the Home Secretary to take further action on VV Mineral complaint against Mr.Unnirajan vide Kerala Raj Bhavan letter No. G.S.4-1225/2014 dt. 30.5.14

Kerala goernor lr

Central Vigilance Commission directed the Chief Secretary, Tamilnadu to take action as deemed fit on the complaint against Shri.V.Sundaram IAS Retd., and others

Central Vigilance commission lr reg Sundaram IAS