Index to the Documents to establish that Kumaresan Complaint is false – attached to Taluk Vigilance Committee report

Beach Minerals

Aug 29 2016

0 – List of Documents

1 – Lr dated 11-06-16 by VVM

02-Lr Dated 11-06-2016 With Suit Register Abstract By VVM

03 – EC Statement by VVM

4-Consent Order Details By VVM

5-Scheme Of Approval Details By VVM

6 Statement-Of-Minerals-Stock-By-VVM-Vol-I

7-Statement Of Mineral Stock By Transworld

8-Statemant Of Mineral Stock By IOGS M-Ramesh And K-Thangaraj

9-Ministry Of Mines Lr No 16(103)-2007-M.VI Dated 19-07-2007 By VVM

10-Green Card By VVM

11-Re-Ware Housing Certificate By The Superintendent Of Central Excise By VVM

12-Commissioner Of Central Excise And Service Tax Audit Circle By VVM


14-Parliament Unstarred Question 2654 Br VVM

15-Tuticorin Port Trust Lr No-TRA-STA&R-CQMM-12-633 Dated 18-04-2013 By VVM

16-Press Release Nos-10-2012 Dated 19-10-2012 And 13-2012 Dated 12-12-2012 Of DAE By VVM

17-AERB Lr Dated 19-12-2012 By VVM

18-Ministry Of Mines Lr No 656(1)-2013-MDS Dated 08-05-2013 By VVM

19-High Court Order W-P 175 Of 2010 By VVM

20-High Court Order In Review Application 61 Of 2011 By VVM

21-Honourable Supreme Court Order By VVM

22-Copy Of G-O(MS)No-10 Industries Dept Dated 01-02-2013 By VVM

23-Govt Lr Dated 24-11-2004 By VVM

24-Govt Lr Dated 23-07-2013 By VVM


26-Telex Massage And Lr By Southern Enterprises By VVM

27-High Court Order In Civil Suit No 973 Of 1992 By VVM

28-CBI Lr To The Regional Director By VVM


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