Monazite is not used for any strategic purposes.  RTI reply confirm the same.

Due to the Business motive and to curtail Indian Exporters, the overseas competitors spread systematic rumour that, the monazite is illegally smuggled which  is essential for our nations development, particularly for Atomic Energy and other strategic purposes. Though it is false, to establish the same, we approach Atomic Energy Department to inform how much quantity of monazite mined, and produced and how much Uranium and Thoirum is produced from the Monazite and how much Uranium and Thorium is used by Indian Government. Atomic Energy Department forward the same to IREL their own company, which confirm under RTI reply that, no quantity of monazite or Uranium or Thorium is used either by Government or by IREL. But they export monazite to overseas countries. Copy of the said reply is attached. This will establish that all the media reports and false news spread against private beach mineral producers are vindicative with ulterior  motive.