39 Lakhs M.Ton Illegal Minor Southern Enterprises Special Leave Petition was dismissed by the Honourable Supreme Court on 02.02.2015 vide SLP CC Nos.740-741/2015.



Mr. Dayadevdas – Managing Partner of Southern Enterprises


M/S. Southern Enterprises and Indian Garnet Sand Company both belongs to Mining Don Dayadevadas. Ex.Central Minister Dhanukodi Athithan was associated with this company. This gentleman make lot of complaints against law obeying companies through Retd. Officers and through a Binamy federation called “Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries” and divert the government attention through other companies and there by carryout large scale illegal mining of rare beach minerals for a tune of 3.9 million M.Tons.


The Tamilnadu government captured the same and report to the Honourable High court. The Honourable High Court its order in W.P. 175/2010 directed the State government to take action against the culprits in accordance with law. Against the above said order, they have filed review petition before the Honourable High Court, as review application No. 61/2011 in WPMD No. 175/2010. The above said Review application was also dismissed by the Honourable Madras High Court division bench on  12.12.2013 .


Against the order of the Madras High Court division bench, they have SLP before the Supreme Court with condone delay petition. The Honourable Supreme court dismissed the on 02.02.2015 . Copy of the Supreme Court order attached.


SLP dismisal order