Shri. Soumen Sinha, IPSD, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board speech in ASSOCHAM, Heavy Mineral Conference held on 09.12.2015 at New Delhi

Shri. Soumen Sinha, IPSD, AERB has highlighted lot of information. Some important points are

  1. Natural Radiation is very high in India only in Kerala State.
  2. Mining of Beach Mineral does not create any Radiation Hazard. Hence there is no need to obtain license for mining.
  3. Only at the time of mineral separation in the plant, the radiation level may increase. Hence safety license is required from AERB only for factory not for mining operation.
  4. Natural Radiation is available in all the place. The general public also got radiation 2.4 mSv. Whereas the employees of the mineral separation plant got radiation within the limit due to the control action initiated by AERB.
  5. India has stored Thorium for 500 years requirement. Hence at present India did not produce Thorium.
  6. VVM, KMML etc., are stored the monazite tailings in separate trenches in accordance with AERB guidelines to avoid radiation Hazards.
  7. There is no external radiation hazard by monazite handling. If the monazite is grinned, it will generate dusted thorium, If it is inhaled, then only it will affect.
  8. Not only VV Mineral, Beach Mineral Company, KMML and Miracle sands, Indian Rare Earths Limited etc., are also involved in these field in four category.
  9. There is no radiation either in the Garnet, Ilmenite etc., which are exported.

Shri Sudhaker Shukla , Ministry of Mines, Adviser speech in ASSOCHAM, Heavy Mineral Conference held on 09.12.2015 at New Delhi. He has highlighted that, according to the Govt., study total Rs. 65,000 Crores value Heavy Minerals are available in all the four states, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra and Odisha.