Wild Allegations leveled against V.V.Mineral by V.Sundaram IAS are found to be wrong motive, envy and vindictive and far away from the truth

Beach Minerals

Feb 22 2014

Mr.V.Sundaram, IAS Retd., who is working under Mr.Dayadevadas made some serious wild allegations against our Federation Member V.V.Mineral. In his complaint he alleged that V.V.Mineral is looting mineral wealth illegally worth about 96K Crores. As advised by Ministry of Mines, Govt., of India, Indian Bureau of Mines as well as State Director of Geology and Mines officials carryout joint inspection and verified all the documents and reported that the allegations are false and fare away from the truth.

It is pertinent to point out here that some Retd. officials who are working under Dayadevadas in collusion with him and some other overseas competitors made wild allegations against Indian Beach Mineral players. Already our association wrote letter Prime Minister as well as Home Minister and some other officials to order for CBI Enquiry to find out the nexus between the Mega Scale illegal Minor Dayadevadas and the Retd. Officers. The Association also request the Government to take action under the provisions of National Security Act against the Anti Social Elements.

Copy of the report can be obtained under RTI Act from the CPIO, office of the Regional Controller of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines, Chennai or Chief Controller of Mines office, IBM, Nagpur.

Government of India

Ministry of Mines

Indian Bureau of Mines

 No. 656(1)/2013/Mds  Dated : 08.05.2013


The Chief Controller of Mines,

Indian Bureau of Mines


Sub : Large scale exploitation of rare atomic Minerals in the coastal areas of Southern Tamilnadu – reg

 Ref : Your letter No. O-11011/7/2013/CCOM-2220 dated 22.3.2013


Kindly refer to your above cited letter on the subject. In this connection, as directed, a joint inspection with regard to the allegations made in the complaint petition of Sri.V.Sundaram,I.A.S. (Retd.), Managing Trustee of Citizen Welfare and Grievances Redressal Form was carried out from 2nd May, 2013 to 7th May, 2013 along with State Government officials, viz., Sri.J.Rajaram, Deputy Director, Kanyakumari District, Sri.T.Selvakumar, Assistant Director, Tiruneveli District and Sri.M.Sambasivam, Assistant Director, Tuticorin District and the Joint Inspection report is send herewith for your kind information and for necessary action. The desired format and ATR in Form-I in this case is not applicable since there is no illegal mining observed.

Yours faithfully



Sr.Asst.Controller of Mines

for Regional Controller of Mines

Encl : As Above

Copy for kind information along with joint inspection report to :

1)      The Controller of Mines (SZ), Indian Bureau of Mines, Bangalore, with a request to forward the report with your comments to Chief Controller of Mines, IBM, Nagpur

2)      The Commissioner of Geology & Mining, Govt., of Tamilnadu, Guindy, Chennai-32

3)      The Collector, Tirunelveli District

4)      The Collector, Thoothukudi District

5)      The Collector, Kanyakumari District


Sr.Asst.Controller of Mines

for Regional Controller of Mines



Tvl. Citizen Welfare and Grievances forum made a complaint to Mines Secretary, MOM, New Delhi and alleged against M/s. V.V. Minerals. The Ministry of Mines, New Delhi vide its letter no. 16/13/2013-M VI Dated 11.3.13 directed the CG, IBM , Nagpur as well as State Government officials to examine and furnish report at once. In turns CCOM, IBM, Nagpur vide his letter o. O-11011/7-2013/CCOM – 2220 dated 22.3.13 directed the RCOM, IBM, Chennai to take necessary action for examination of the  matter by joint inspection of the area along with the officers of the State Govt., and to furnish details comments/ reports.

            Accordingly, the Commissioner of Geology and Mining, Chennai vide Proc. NO.3149/MM7/2013 dated 9.4.13 constituted a committee comprising of Deputy Director , Mines and Geology, Kanyakumari, Assistant Director, Mines and Geology, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin for carrying our joint inspection along with IBM officials.

The Regional Controller of Mines, IBM, Chennai vide his letter No. 656(1)/2013/MDS dt.23.4.13 nominated Senior Assistant Controller of Mines and Assistant Mining Geologist for the joint inspection with the officers of State Government.

Date of Joint Inspection : 2/5/2013 to 7/5/2013

Names of the officers in the joint Inspection Committee:

1. Shri J. Rajaram, Deputy Director (Geology & Mines) Kanyakumari District,

2. Shri. M. Sambasivam, Asstt. Director (Geology & Mines) Tuticorin District,

3. Shri. T. Selva Sekar, Asstt. Director (Geology & Mines) Tirunelveli District,

4. Shri C. Parameshwaran Sr. Asstt. Controller of Mines IBM Chennai

5. Shri T.P. Baskar, Asstt. Mining Geologist, IBM Chennai.

List of officers accompanied during the Joint Inspection:

1. Shri. H.M. Kulandaisamy, Tahsildar, Radhapuram Taluk.

2.Shri. S. Nambirajan, Deputy Tahsildar, Radhapuram Taluk.

3. Smt. Kilda Rajakumari , Vilage Admn. Officer, Keezh midalam Kaniyakumari District.

4. Shri. Loharaj, village Admn. Officer, Azhappapuram , Kanyakumari District.

5. Shri. Nageswarakanth, Village Admn. Officer, Kanyakumari Villge & District

6. Shri. Parameswara Nair, village Admin, Officer, MIdalam, kanniyakumari district.

7. Shri. JonesVillage Admn. Officer, Levenjipuram Tirunelveli District.

8. Shri. Rajesh, Village Admn. Officer , Irukkandurai Part II, Tirunelveli District,

9. Shri. Neelakanda Pillai, Village Admn Officer, Chettikulam , Tirunelveli District

10. Smt. Isskiammal, Village Admn. Officer , K. ovari Tirunelveli District

11. Shri. Maharajan. village Admn Officer, K.Pudur Tirunelveli District

12. shri. suresh Village Admn. OfficerTiruvambalapuram Tirunelveli District

13. Shri. Suresh village Admn Officer, Koodankulam Tirunelveli District

14. Shri. Senthilkumar, Village Admn. Officer, Vijayapathi , Tirunelveli District

15. Shri. Azhar, Village Admn Officer vaipper Tuticorin District

16. shri. Nambi Village Admn Officer, manapadu Tuticorin District

17. shri. Nambi village Admn Officer, Madhavankurichi , Tuticorin District

18. Shri. Bala Murugan, Village Admn Officer, Vembar and Periyasamypuram

Tuticorin District.

List of the Firka Surveyors and Firka Revenue Inspectors

  1. Shri. Dhas , Revenue Inspector,. kanyakumaridistrict
  2. Shri. Sethu Ramalingam , Firka surveyor Kanyakumari District
  3. Shri. Mani, Firka surveyor kanyakumari District
  4. Shri. Arumugam, Firka Surveyor, Tuticorin district
  5. shri. Mariappan, Firka surveyor , Tuticorin District
  6. Shri. Dayanithi Firka surveyor Tirunelveli District

The Joint inspection team carried out inspections in all the three Districts of mining leases

granted to M/S. V.V. Minerals and its associates companies to know the facts and figures against the complainant allegation if any as per the date of inspection mentioned above. Based on the field observation of Mines and verification of records/ scrutiny of records, the parawise comments were prepared against the complainant allegation parawise as below.

Para Qus:1

I invite your kind attention to Page No.2 of the popular Tamil Daily ‘DINAMALAR’ issue dated 1-1-2013 in which they have reported in great detail about the loot of precious atomic minerals like garnet in M. Kalathur Village in Thottiyam Taluk in S.F.NO. 391/3A1, 391/3B, 392/1,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. In this DINAMALAR Report, it has been stated that M/s. Nexus Corporate, a company with its Head quarters in Palayamkottai in Tirunelveli District. is constructing a factory building WITHOUT ANY AUTHORIZATION FROM THE CONCERNED AUTHORITIES. I am enclosing a copy of PAGE 2 OF THE DINAMALAR Newspaper dated 1-1-2013 (Please see Annexure – B to this Letter) I request you to take appropriate action in this matter.

Reply Para 1: About the loot of precious atomit minerals like Garnet in M. Kalathur Village in Thottiyam Taluk in S.F. NO. 391/3A1, 391/3B, 392/1,3,4,5,6,7, AND 8 reveals that, M/s. Nexus Corporate obtained the mining lease over an extent of 3.25.0 ha in GO. No CGM/6251/MM7/2010 Dated 17/6/2011. It is yet to be commenced . No opening notice has been received by IBM, Chennai Regional office, from the lessee. No production is reported till date & hence the allegation is not appropriate & correct.

M/S. Nexus corporate company with Headquarters in Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli district constructed a factory at Trichy with proper permission, obtained with appropriated authority (vide consent order No. 6072 dated 31.1.2013 by chairman, Pollution control Board, Chennai (ANx-1) and building plan also approved by soorampatti President vide resolution NO. 4/2013 (ANx-2) and copy of the same is enclosed for reference.

Para Qus : 2 : I understand that M/s. Nexus Corporate is a Partnership Firm jointly owned by one V. Subramanian S/o. Thiru. S. Vaikundarajan, owner of M/s. V.V. Minerals and many other Associated Companies in Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari Districts And one J. Muthurajan S/o. S. Jegatheesan (younger brother of S. Vaiguntarajan) I am enclosing a copy of the concerned Partnership Deed dated 11 March 2010. (Please See Annexure) – C to this letter)

Reply Para 2: Irrelevant complaint and hence no comments.

Para Qus 3: In this context I invite your kind attention to the PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF GEOLOGY AND MINING i/c. GUINDY, CHENNAI 600032. ‘PRESENT: THIRU. ATUL ANAND, I.A.S. Proc. NO. 6251/MM& 2010 dated 17-6-2011. (Please see Annexure – D to this letter) in which orders have been issued placing an extent of 3.25 Hectares of Patta Lands in M. Kalathur Village in Thottiyam Taluk in Tirchirapalli district has been leased out to M/s. Nexus corporate. This partnership Firm was able to get its final Precise Area Communication orders issued by the commissioner of Geology and Mining , Guindy on 22-june 2010 (vide RC. No. 6251/MM7/2010). What is most intriguing is that Several other Private Companies who had submitted their Applications for Mining Leases as early as in April 1993 are still kept waiting and pending in spite of specific Time – bound orders issued by the High Court from 2000 onwards to dispose of all Mining Lease Applications on merit as per law without any delay.

Reply Para 3: Mining Lease applications are processed according to rule 63A of Mineral concession Rules, 1960 if the application is in completed shape. The State Govt., has to pass order within 12 months from the date of receipt of application. In this case, the application dated was 5.4.2010, though precise area letter has been given on 22.6.2010, but the mining lease had been granted to M/S. Nexus corporate company only on 17.6.2011, that is after a gap of 14 months from the receipt of application and not as per his allegation. However, in case of precise area letter, the power vested with CGM, Chennai for patta land and the application filed by M/s. Nexus corporate company satisfies all the provision of MCR. 1960, in all respect and qualified. Hence, the precise area letter has been issued by Commissioner of Geology and Mining, Chennai.

Para Qus 4: I am to mentioning this only to Highlight the fact that M/s. V.V. Minerals and their associate companies are always given a knock-down priority in respect of all their applications. What makes that Business Group the most favoured child of the Government of Tamilndu and the Government of India can only be verified by the CBI in New Delhi as the Special Branch (CID) of the Tamilnadu Police.

Reply Para 4: The allegation is insignificant and not appropriate. Since the state / central government process application when it is in complete shape and not with any other biased decision. However, as per provision of Green Card NO. 2135/MEPZ dated 1.6.11. issued to V.V. Mineral by Ministry of Commerce and Industry Govt. of India to the 100% EOU which has been approved under the special scheme of Govt., of India as a 100% EOU. The unit is entitled to top priority treatment from all concern central and state government departments and other organisation in all matters relating to the project. Hence, the priority has been given by the Govt. copy enclosed (ANX-3)

Para Qus5: I am also enclosing copies of 2 of my e-mails dated 7th November 2012 (Please see Annexure –E to this letter) and 8th November2012 (Please see Annexure – F to this letter) addressed to Dr.R.K. Sinha, Chairman of the Atomic Energy  Commission in Mumbai. They are self explanatory. I have marked copies of this e-mail to the Secretary to the Government of India in the Department of Mines, and Central Vigilance Commissioner, the Director of the CBI and above all the Controlleer and Auditor General of India. In my E-mail dated 8th of November 2012, I have invited the attention of Dr. Sinha to the Gigangic loot of Rs. 96120/- Crores worth of rich Atomic Minerals carried on with the full connivance of all the Government of India and State Government servants, by a private Mining company called M/s. V.V. Minerals in Tirunelveli District during the last decade.

Reply Para 5: The amount Rs. 96120 crores indicated by the complainant without the specifict quantity/ type of mineral reveals a imaginary and baseless figure and not appropriate one. Besides, the joint inspection committee/ team verified the certified copies of export quantity of Garnet and other associated minerals, from customs house, Tuticorin. produced by the lessee, during the minerals, from customs house, Tuticorin, produced by the lessee, during the inspection for the year 2001 to 31/3/2013 by V.V. Mineral and their sister concerns (Indian Garnet Supply company, Industrial Mineral company) The quantity of mineral exported for the year 2000-2001 to 2012-2013 comes to 37,20,137 metric tons as per custom report, which is enclosed for reference. M/s. V.V. Minerals have remitted Royalty of Rs. 22,18,42,543 (Rupees Twenty two crores eighteen lakhs forty two thousand and five hundred and forty three only) for the period from 2000-01 to 2012-13 for the Minerals such as illeminite, Garnet, Zircon, Silliminite & Rutile and leuxocene. (Enclosed Anx-4)

Para Qus6: The Pioneer News paper in New Delhi , in an explosive Editorial titled “ Mineral wealth Looted, Government must stop illegal export of Thorium” in their issue dated 15th December 2012 (Please see Annexure-G to this letter) has stated as follows: “ The beach sand mining cartel in Tamilnadu is owned by a local business man who ownes 96 out of 111 Garnet mining licenses and all 44 licenses to mine ilmenite, among others. Interestingly, in 2006 most of the heavy minerals found in beach sands, such as Ilmenite, Garnet, Zircon and Rutile were removed from the “Atomic Minerals” list. Consequently, minerals that could previously only be mined by one Public Sector under taking— Indian Rare Earths Limited— have now become available to private mining agencies.

Reply para 6: As per the customs certificates, there is no record on thorium export. Regarding number of mining leases, according to MMDR-1957, sectuib 6, a person is entitled to get mining lease for 10 Sq.km (1000.00.0Hect) Whereas VVMineral and its associated companies having mining leases for total extent of 389.22.60 Hect (56ML only) one third of the permitted extent. The mining leases granted to the lessee are within the limit only. In addition to that four mining leases have also been granted for an area of 34.59.4 Hect and lease deed has not been executed for these four areas. Regarding, removal of Ilmenite, Garnet, Zircon & Rutile from the list of atomic mineral is the policy of Central Govt., and nothing to comment by the joint inspection committee. (copy enclosed on proof of non export of Thorium , from the O/O of Custom House, Tuticorin Anx-5)

Para Qus7: The Pioneer Newspaper in the Editorial mentioned above is referring to the 100% monopoly enjoyed by M/S. V.V. Minerals and their associates in the field of exploitation of Ilmenite and 77% monopoly in the field of exploitation of Garnet. (For fuller details relating to the ownership percentage of Mining leases in Tamilnadu, Please refer to the exact date furnished in the paragraph given below.

Para Qus:8 In my e-mail dated 7th November,2012, addressed to Dr. R.K. Sinha, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission in Mumbai, I have invited his attention to the nefarious manner in which rare minerals, such as Ilmenite, Garnet, Zircon and Rutile, found in beach sands were removed from the ‘ Atomic Minerals’ List by a functionary of the Department of Atomic Energy. THIS WAS DONE WITHOUT THE NECESSARY PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE PARLIAMENT.

Reply para 7 & 8 : The reply given in para 6 is applicable in this case also.

Para Qus9: This issue of removal of Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile were removed from the ‘Atomic Minerals’ List was raised in the Rajya Sabha by Thiru Venkaiya Naidu MP and other opposition MP’s.  I am enclosing copies of the Reports which appeared in THE PIONEER Newspaper on 10 December 2012 (Please see Annexure- H to this Letter) and 14 December 2012 (Please see Annexure 1 to this Letter)

Reply Para 9: The question about the Removal of Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile from the list of Atomic Minerals concern with the parliament/ Atomic Mineral Division. Hence, no comments.

Para Qus 10: I have checked up the facts relating to the ownership pattern of Mining leases of Garnet, Ilmenite, and Rutile in Tamil Nadu by accesing exact information under the RTI Act. The following Table reveals a very shocking picture of patently discriminatory and on sided favouritism shown to a Private company, M/S. V.V. Minerals and their Associates.



Lessee Group

Garnent, Ilmenite, Rutile etc. Details of MINING lEASES



Percentage of ownership


Percentage of ownership

1 M/s. V.V. Minerals and their Associates













Reply Para10: whenever an application is received from an applicant. it will be scrutinized as per MCR, 1960, and accordingly, the application which fulfils all the criteria only will be listed out for the grant of ML., Based on the merit of the application of the company, also satisfies all the provision of MCR, 1960, in all respect and qualifies, as per the prevailing rules, hence mining lease have been granted to Tvl. V. V. Mineral and not on discriminatory and one-sided favours by State/Central Government.

Para Qus11: I invite your kind attention to a very important News Report which appeared in the DHINAMALAR Tamil Daily dated 3 January 2013. I am enclosing a copy of this news item in DHINAMALAR (Please see Annexure – J to this letter) you can see from this Report that the MADURAI BENCH OF MADRAS HIGH COURT ON 2 January 2013 HAS ISSUED A NOTICE to the vigilance commissioner, Direcror CBI, Secretary to the Government of India in the Ministr of Environment and Forests and Secretary  to the Government of India in the Ministry of Mines asking them to show Cause as to why no action has been initiated by these High Functionaries against Thiru. S. Vaikundarajan of M/S. V.V. Minerals for his open public admission relating to bribing Public Servants in the Government of India at Various levels for getting Environmental Clearances. This Mafia Don made his brazen ‘heroic’ confession at an official Meeting of the CAPEXIL Meeting held on 12.11.2010 at SAVERA HOTEL, CHENNAI IN THE PRESENCE OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE PROCESSED MINERALS AND ITS MEMBERS BY OPENLY DECLARING THAT HE HAS BEEN PURCHASING THE ENVIRONMENT CLEARANCES FROM THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.

Reply Para 11.: This office State/Central Govt. have no information about this matter. However it is learnt that a writ petition is pending before the Honourable Madurai Bench of Madras High Court and hence the matter is  sub-judice.(Anx-6)

Para Qus 12: I will be failing in my public duty as a former collector of the unbifurcated District in Tirunelveli,. First Chairman of Thoothukudi Port Trust, former Rural Development Secretary, former Food and consumer Protection Secretary, former PWD Secretary to the Government of TamilNadu, if I do no invite your kind attention to the nefarious and criminal activities of Shri. Vaikuntarajan of M/S. V.V. Minerals and Associated Companies like large-scale Ilmenite, Garnet, Zircon and Rutile , to the tune of Rs. 96120 Crores, raping the coastal  areas of Southern Tamil Nadu , that too within the NATIONAL MARINE PARTK. The Revenue Department in these Districts has given thousands of Acres of public lands to Vaikundarajan almost free of cost. In any other country such an act of crime by the public servants would have been dealt with severely under the LAW.

Reply Para 12: Answer to para 5 is applicable in this case too. Besides, no such public lands or thousands of acres of public lands were given to Mr. Vaikundarajan by the revenue department in this district. According to the Revenue Standing Order, no land can be given to any wealthy pattathar at free of cost. The 160.36.7 hect of government land have been leased out to V.V. Mineral by Govt., for mining lease purpose only vide G.O.Nos. 185, 114 and 123. As per the order of the District collector. Tirunelveli Letter No. M1/79012/98 dated 5.9.98 directed the Tahsildar, Radhapuram to collect the land revenue from VVMineral vide his letter Roc.No, A3/26812/98 dt. 14.1.1999 over an area of 9.39 acres of S.F. Nos. 1598/1, etc., of Irukkandurai Village of Radhapuram Taluk & vide RC. No. A3/6833/96 dated 31.5.1996 over an area of 16.74 acres in S.F. NO. 1606/1B etc., of Irukkandurai part – II Village, to Tvl, V.V. Minerals, IrukkanduraiVillage which has been utilized by Tvl. V.V. Mineral for drying the mined minerals. Hence, the allegation is not appropriate & correct. (Anx-7)

Para Qus 13: I am enclosing copies of 2 of the Orders issued by the Tahsildar of Radhapuram (Please see Annexure – K & L to this letter). You can see in Annexure – K an extent of 34.35.0 Hectares of very valuable Poromboke land (with very valuable mineral deposits like Garnet, Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile) in IrukkanduraiVillage has been given on lease to M/S. V.V. Minerals by the Tahsildar of Radhapuram Taluk in Tirunelveli district on 31-5-1996 for an Annual lease value of Rs. 16.74/-per annum. Like wise, you can see in annexure – L an extent of 20.40.5 Hectares of very valauable Poramboke land (with very valuable mineral deposits like Garnet, Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile) in Irukkandurai Village has been given to lease to M/s. V.V. Minerals by the Tahsildar of Radhapuram Taluk in Tirunelveli District on 14-1-1999 for  an Annual Lease Value of Rs9.59/-  per annum. is it possible for any average person in Radhapuram to get 34.35.0 or 20.40.5 Hectares of Poromboke land on lease for lease value of Rs.16.74/- per Annum and Rs. 9.59/- per Annum, respectively? If this is not public looting of Government lands officially permitted by the Tahsildar of Radhapuram and graciously overlooked by the sub Collector /RDO at the Divisional Level and the DRO and District Collector at the District Level, the what it is ? This calls for criminal investigation to be ordered by the Chief Minister to protect and safeguard government Lands being cornered by Mafia Dons Like Vaikuntarajan.

Reply Para 13: The reply given in para 12 stands hold good to para  13 also. Besides, as such there is no public looting of Govt., land officially by the Tahsildar Radhapuram and graciously over looked by sub Collector/ RDO at the Divisional level and the DRO Distirct Collector at the District level. Hence, the allegation is not appropriate & correct.

Para Qus 14: Regarding the special CRIMINAL favours shown to Vaikundarajan by the Tehsildars, RDOs/Sub Collectors, DROs and District Collectors of Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts in interminable succession during the last 15 years, I would be sending a separate and more detailed Report for appropriate and corrective action by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Reply Para 14: No Comments.

Para Qus 15: Under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation ) Act, 1957 only MANUAL MINING IS PERMITTED. Vaikundarajan of M/S. V.V. Minerals has never believed in observing any of the Rules/ Regulations under the above Act or for that matter any other Act. With supreme contempt for the Rule of Law, he has been using only the Tracked POCLAIN Excavator and other heavy Earth Moving Machineries for all his illicit Mining operations with the full knowledge and co-operation of the officers of the State Government and the Government of India at all levels. In Particular the criminal role played by the department of Geology and Mining in the Government of Tamil Nadu has to be noted for stringent action against the concerned officers for having permitted gross and repetitive violations of the major provisions of the above Act with contempt and impunity by Mafia Don Vaikundarajan.

Reply para 15: As per the rule 42(1)(b) of MCDR 1988, the mines are categorized as B-manual, if the mine is operated through manual means, A(OTFM-other than fully mechanised mine) if the mine is operated with machines & with the manual labours and A (FM – fully mechanised) depends on use of machineries only. During the approval of mining plan/ scheme of mining, the lessee proposes in the document accordingly on the above category A (OTFM)  will be permitted to operate the mine with the help of machineries , like poclain  HEMM. After the approval of the document like MP/SOM, the lessee can use machineries or labours depend on the local conditions prevailing in the mining areas, In this case, the lessee having the document approved for A (OTFM) in certain mines. The circular quoted by the complainant is not relevant in this case. Hence the allegation is null and void.

Para Qus 16: I am forwarding a copy of the Circulars issued by the Chief Controller of Mines, Nagpur in the Government of India for your kind reference and perusal (Please See Annexure)- M to this Letter). You can see that only Manual Mining is permitted in these Circulars.

Reply Para 16: Answer to para 15 is applicable in this case too.

Para Qus 17: I have sent more than 1500 leters to various public authorities and I have obtained several formidable public documents from the many State and Central Departments under Right to Information Act 2005. These will serve as irrefutable evidance to prove that very serious offences. (please see Annexure- N to this letter) have been deliberately committed by several State and Central Government servants at various levels to illegally and unlawfully favour M/s. V.V. Minerals and their Associates in total violation of not only the relevant Central Government Acts and Rules relating to Mines and Minerals. Atomic Energy, Environmental Protection but also Articles 14,15 and 16 of the Indian Constitution relating to FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF ALL CITIZENS.

Reply para 17: No Government servants of State and Central Govt., commits deliberated offences in unlawful manner and favouring M/s.V.V. Mineral and their associates against Indian Constitution relating to fundamental rights to the citizen.

Para Qus 18: Finally, I wish to bring it to the notice of the duly constituted Tamil Nadu State Government that VAIKUNDARAJAN IS RUNNING A PARALEL, ILLEGAL, BRUTAL AND MURDEROUS PRIATE GOVERNMENT IN THE COASTAL AREAS OF SOUTHERN TAMIL NADU HAVING HIS OWN PRIATE SECURITY AND CHECK POSTS. Most of the terrorized and hulimiated functionaries of the Revenue, Police, Geology and Mining, Commercial Taxes, Departments of the State, Government and the Customs and Central Excise, Income Tax, Atomic Energy, Mines, Environment and Forests Departments in the Government of India seem to be in the regular unofficial ‘Private Pay” of this Mafia don who can only be described as an AL CAPONE OF TAMIL NAUD. I am enclosing a note on the historic. Al Capone to explain the lethal significance of this AL CAPONE OF TAMILNADU (Please see Annexure – O to this letter)

Para Qus 19: Undet the visionary and dynamic leadership of Selvi J. Jayalalithaa Honourable chief Minister of Tamil Nadu stern action has been taken and is being taken to put down corruption in the field of Granite Mining. Now the time has come to put down the gigantic fraud  taking place in the field of mining of rare and precious Minerals in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu. The poor common millions of Tamil Nadu are applauding and hailing the Honourable Chief Minister for having shown the Political and administrative will to put down HIMALAYAM CORRUPTION  in the field of granite mining. The myraid millions of Tamil Nadu are eagerly awaiting the immediate personal intervention of Selvi J. Jayalalitha, Honourable chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to get themselves liberated from the vicious and cruel clutches of a mafia done like Vaikundarajan.

Reply Para 18& 19: No comments.


According to the direction of Ministry of Mines, New delhi, joint inspection by the team comprising officials of State Government/ Indian Bureau of Mines, Chennai was carried out from 2.5.13 to 6.5.13 for leases of M/s. V.V. Minerals and its associates located in three districts of Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Tuticorin of Tamil Nadu.

            1. During the inspection complaints made by Shri. V. Sundaram  IAS (Retd.,) Public Grievances Redressal Forum, Chennai have been examined based on the records and field observation.

            2. The allegations are mainly relating to large scale exploitation of rare atomic minerals in the coastal areas of southern Tamil Nadu. 

            3. The allegation made by the complainant regarding the gigantic looting of atomic mineral is without any basis and evidence.

            4. Whatever the production details furnished by the lessee from their own mining leases granted both in patta and government poramboke lad in all the 3 districts by obtaining proper transport permits from State Government after remitting required royalty as prescribed by the State Government which is found to be appropriate.

            5. The Total export made by Tvl.V.V. Mineral and their associates is duly certified by Govt., of India, Department of Customs, Tuticorin has been scrutinized and found that the export figure is in line with the production figure. During  the field observation it was found that mining operations were carried out within the lease boundries with manual labours even though some of the mines for which approval were granted for A (OTFM) category. Hence there is no any deviation for use of mining machinery.

            6. During the joint inspection no illicit mining were observed in the adjacent areas of mining leases granted which is also certified by the respective village Administrative officers and surveyors.

            7. Further it is to be stated that all the complaints made by the complainant are imaginary and not specific about the mine area in all the three districts and found to be irrelevant without any authenticity.

            8. Leases were granted purely on the basis of merit and not on one sided favour.

            In view of all the above point, it is very clear that the allegation made by the complainant are found to be wrong motive, envy and vindictive and far away from the truth.


Inspecting Officers


Sundaram Complaint inspection report covering letter

Sundaram Complaint Joint inspection report


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