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Feb 26 2019

Our association send one clarification letter to Times of India for the wrong news publish by them. This is for the information of our members.


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Pauldurai Perumal <president@beachminerals.org>
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 10:04 AM
Subject: Objection to your article “Private Firms jolted by Beach Sand Mining Ban”
To: <grievance.toi@timesinternet.in>, <Ananth.MK@timesgroup.com>, <arunramonline@gmail.com> and others

Date : 26.02.2019


  1. Grievance Officer,

Plot No. 391, Udyog Vihar, Phase – III,

The Times of India

Gurgaon, Haryana 122016, India

Ph: 0124-4518550


  1. The Chief Editor, Times of India, Mumbai
  2. The Editor, Times of India, Chennai
  3. Grievances Redressal Officer, Times of India, Chennai
  4. The Editor, Times of India, Madurai
  5. Grievances Redressal Officer, Times of India, Madurai

Dear Sirs,

We Beach Minerals Producers Association (BMPA) established in the year 1995, to make the Manufacturers & Employees of the beach minerals (atomic minerals) industry join hands for common issues and organize them through a common platform to develop Beach Minerals (Atomic Minerals) Industries. There are 61 nos of Beach Mineral Mining Leases, which are functioning under the guidance of this Association. The efficient and valuable guidance of the Association, lead to bring our country as largest producer of Garnet in the World.

Today we have gone through an article has published in your esteemed Newspaper wherein “Private Firms jolted by Beach Sand Mining Ban” have been reported by your reporter with baseless evidences and to prejudice the judiciary. This has been reported by your reporter Mr. K. Antony Xavier.

Perhaps your reporter may be unaware about the Environmental Activist Mr. Lal Mohan. He is basically very old man and presently he has become ineffective due to his age. Earlier he was so active and he used to get funds from different sources, similar to all NGOs. All Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli District persons know him well and Mr. Lal Mohan is not a Real Environmentalist, but he is working for money. Now really he is starving for money due to his age and restriction from the Government against Funding from other countries. Daya Devadoss utilised the opportunity and this has made Mr. Lal Mohan to collude with Daya Devadoss. Now Mr. Lal Mohan is funded by Daya Devadoss. Earlier daya Devadoss utilised the Retd. IAS officer Mr. Sundaram. Now Daya Devadoss is utilising Mr. Lal Mohan and started playing games.

Here we have to say some thing about daya Devadoss. You may kindly aware that Daya Devadoss is working against Private Beach Sand Mining with malafide intention. You can see a lot by visiting the videos in http://www.beachminerals.org/video-home/ .

Mineral sand industry has been in India since 1919. It was Privatized after 1965. However after 1998,  all other associated minerals were allowed, except Monazite. India’s Mineral Sand export was increased. Revenue through Foreign exchange was also increased. Job opportunity in the most back ward rain shadow area, was also increased, due to mineral sand industry. Our Association Members have played a vital role on the systematic development of this profession and up to date on latest development. The M/s.V.V. Mineral Company’s share on systematic development of Mineral Industries is very high. The study book Rochelle published in the UK in 1995 revealed that M/s. V.V. Mineral’s Garnet Production, made India’s 14th place, to reach 5th place. Likewise, in 2000 they have listed, M/s.V.V. Mineral has overtaken the world’s No. 1 producer Australia’s M/s. GMA Garnet Group company. Thus the affected foreign companies started filing the false complaints, with the aid of M/s. Indian Garnet Sand Company owner Mr. Daya Devadas, a politician who has been detained for 25 years with the M/s. V.V. Mineral, by forming an fake Association called Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries. Thus, a false complaints were filed against M/s.V.V. Mineral, by the Daya Devadas company, which distanced the attention of the Government and Daya Devadas carried out illegal mining works. Due to his illegal mining, his mining lease rights were cancelled. For carrying out the above illegal activities, he will keep everyone in the hands, ranging from of the retired high-ranking officers to Paid Reporters such as Sandhya Ravi Shankar. The video about the conspiracy plot in this way is in our website, both in English and Tamil.

Now all of sudden Daya Devadoss started supporting M/s. Indian Rare Earths Ltd. (IREL). Similarly Mr. Lal Mohan also deviating from his earlier position and supporting IREL. Here it is important to mention that, earlier both Mr. Lal Mohan and Daya Devadoss were strong opposers of IREL. This is similar to the proverb “Goat is wetting Wolf is crying”.

Actually the Government Company, M/s. Indian Rare Earths Ltd (IREL) only carrying out Illegal Mining. You can find a lot in goo.gl/7cirVv .

IREL is operating the plant and mining without any Environmental Clearance for the past 25-30 years, after the introduction of Environmental Laws. Since they are Government Company, Government officials are not taking any stringent action against IREL. Then also some incidents that some District Collectors and senior Government Officials took action against IREL and ultimately IREL will go to court and operate their plant. With the strong opposition from the local publics and IREL mining operations were stalled for few months for want of Environmental Clearance. To overcome this issue they could able to obtain the Environmental Clearance during the month of April 2018. Now also out of four mining leases IREL is having Environmental Clearance for only two leases. That two leases are not in operation for the past 20 years for want of Environmental Clearance. This is the position of IREL regarding Environment. Whereas your Newspaper is supporting the Government Company. Whereas, our association members were granted mining lease only after getting Environmental Clearance or commencing mining operation only after getting EC.

Also, IREL only involved in mining from sea shore. Due to rampant mining the grade of beach sand get depleted. To overcome this issue IREL is doubling their Capacity of Mining. Even after doubling the capacity of mining their out put has depleted. Due to rampant mining by IREL in beaches, lead severe sea erosion in all beaches were observed. The sea erosion due IREL mining is well known fact to all the Kanyakumari District Public.

Thus IREL is having four mining leases. Out of 4 only 2 ML is in operation. Balance 2 ML is not in operation for want of EC. In the operating 2 mining leases, one ML is fully submerged under the sea. Whole extent of 7.06 Hect  of this Mining Lease is under sea. Another one Mining lease, out of 141.22.69. Hect almost 100 Hect submerged under the sea. By knowing the fact several officers tried to demarcate the mining lease area. But IREL not ready to fix the boundary pillars, since fixing of boundary pillars inside the sea, is not practically possible. Thus IREL is not ready to lay the boundary pillars and demarcate their area. Thus IREL is involved in Illegal and Rampant Mining for the past 20 years. This has caused about 200 people death Tsunami in Colachel village, which is part and parcel of IREL  Mining Lease.

Whereas, our association members are carrying out mining operations in their own Patta Lands. Those lands are purchased by them and they are having surface right over the land. Also those land are lying quite away from sea shore. These details are readily available in all Government Departments.

Our association members lands are getting mineralised due to wind. Our association members mining leases are in East Coast. In the East Coast wind is predominant.

Whereas IREL is having mining lease in West Coast and mineral deposition happens due to tidal waves. In the West Coast, tidal waves are predominant.

The above factors have been well proved by different agencies such as CESS, Anna University etc after carrying out detailed study.

Also, in your news paper you have published that our association members are involved in exploiting thorium and exporting it to Australia, China and Russia.

This Statement is viewed very seriously by our association mmbers and heavy objection and disagreement is observed in multiple ways.

You may kindly aware no country involved or master in exploitation of Thorium. Thorium is like a mad dog. Our country also still in Pilot Plant stage. Thorium Production and Thorium based reactors require multiple stage of safety. Also, at present no country is technically sound enough to produce Thorium as such.

All ports and harbours are well equipped and furnished with sophisticated equipment to restrict  abduction or illegal export of Thorium.  You can find out the same in http://www.dae.nic.in/writereaddata/parl/winter2017/lsus896.pdf . Particularly through Tuticiorin Port, which has the facility, no such material is exported. You can find out the in http://www.beachminerals.org/complaint-export-monazite-private-beach-mineral-companies-false-tuticorin-customs-confirmed/ .

Whereas the newspapers like you, without understanding the real facts and are propagating such news on   wrong information  will affect our members. Already more than 50000 persons are affected by directly and indirectly due to stoppage of Private BSM industries.

Hence you may kindly appreciate our views and considering the severity of the issue, kindly publish our clarification in your news paper.

With Kind Regards


Beach Mineral Producers Association

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