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Jul 29 2021

Dear Sir,

The Ministry of Mines, Section officer Mr. Sandeep Kumar has mentioned that, the said notification was issued based on the recommendation of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). The Department of Atomic Energy already constituted a committee very early and found out that even in separation of Individual minerals also, the monazite percentage will be more than 0.1%. That is why DAE prescribed the limit for export as 0.25%.
After the said notification, our nation’s mineral production is completely affected, out total 325 Major mineral mining leases more than 70 leases were terminated. More than 50,000 employees lose their jobs.  Since beach minerals are replenishable in nature, since we failed to collect the same, they were transported to the nearby country Srilanka and after this notification, they have re-started the production of Ilmenite and sell it to its origin nation of India. Thus India is buying its own mineral from the nearby countries because of this notification. So Ministry of Mines Notification GSR 126(E) DT. 19.02.2019 and GSR 134(E) DT. 20.02.1019 affects very much of our nation’s economic development.
Moreover all the sea ports and Airports are equipped with gadgets to find out the radioactive material’s transportation and connected with more than 900 police stations.
Hence there is no necessity to notify the said amendments.  In case, such a proposal is submitted, it is the duty of the Ministry of Mines to publish the same inviting suggestions / objections for the same. That is also not followed.
Though we have more than 25% of Total world reserve, because of this notification, our Indian Industries are importing these mineral, thereby we loose our valuable foreign exchange. This is completely against the aim of our Honourable Prime Minister “MAKE IN INDIA” Scheme.
Due to covid-19, our nation’s economy is very much affected and peoples also affected. It is not possible to create 50,000 new employments for the people who lose their jobs.
Hence our humble request is the Honourable Prime Minister / Honourable Mines Minister / Honourable Minister for Atomic Energy may kindly be advise to the officials to convene a meeting either in Ministry of Mines, Shastri Bhawan or at Department of Atomic Energy, Anusakthi Bhawan, Mumbai comprising of DAE officials, Ministry of Mines officials and Beach Mineral mining lessees and our association representatives. We will explain the impact how our Indian Industry is affected for want of raw material, such as Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon etc.,
Yours faithfully,
C.Sakthi Ganapathi
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From: <>
Date: Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 11:01 AM
Subject: Grievance Disposal
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Dear Sir/Madam,
Your Grievance with Registration No.PMOPG/E/2021/0425083 has been disposed.
Logon to: for viewing details and providing your feedback on the resolution of the grievance.


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