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Mar 16 2016




The above link was created for the spreading of false information with an intention to defame V.V. Mineral, the number one beach sand mineral producer and exporter of India. The matter was disputed  with facebook with the following documents  and based on the submissions and documents, the false information were removed from the facebook. Also criminal cases were registered against the person who had posted in the facebook and legal  proceedings are initiated. However, with an intention to make known the real facts on the whole episode, the following facts are being published. 


In one of the Tamil films called “Poi Satchi” (false witness) Actor Mr.Packiaraj comes to the court as witness to falsely implicate somebody purposefully for money. At the court, to make things look real he tries to attack the accused in the court and finally get the accused punished. Those who had spread the falsehoods against V.V. Mineral are more competent actors than Mr. Packiaraj.


V.V. Mineral organization is carrying out their activities strictly as per the approved permissions and policies and is one of the rare companies in this field in India who is sincerely doing business sticking  to  stipulated requirements. This will be evident if any body interested visits the web sites of Ministry of Environment and forest, Director General of Mines Safety and Tamilnadu  Pollution control Board etc.


 Pic -1

 Source : )

Pic -2

None of the photos displayed and shown above is near any mineral mining area of V.V. Mineral. All these are taken form other areas affected by sea erosion. Visit:


It is a fact that no residential building  or fisherman vallam parking areas are anywhere near the mineral mining lease areas of V.V. Mineral. Before approving mining lease, the area is inspected to see that no residential structure or fishing activity is existing in the lease areas. Sea erosion is a phenomenon existing throughout the world and the main reason is the rise in the sea level due to climate change. Out of the coastal length of 7000 km in India sea erosion occurs in more than 1400 km. There is no correlation between beach sand mining and sea erosion. The washings mined is the heavy mineral being deposited on the beach. Due to climate change, through out the world, the sea level is rising and if the climate change is not controlled, within another 50 years, even large cities of the world is likely to go under water as indicated in the book “Voice of the Oceans”.

Pic 3 

 pic 4

 Also there are many reports that say that one of the reasons for sea erosion is global warming.

 Pic -5

pic 6

In the absence of residential houses in the beach sand mining shores, it is evident that the allegation that the beach mineral mining causes sea erosion is imaginary.  Since it is not directly linked and cannot be proved, and as sea erosion is a universal phenomenon, the interested persons are fabricating this linkage between beach mineral mining and the sea erosion purposefully. The evidences indicating the occurrence of sea erosion worldwide is given below:

 Pic 7

 In Tamilnadu, no mining lease is granted to any private parties in the areas where fishermen reside or where they park their vallams. The only exception is Indian Rare Earths Ltd., a central government company which is granted mining leases in the fishermen villages of Chinnavilai, Periavilai, Puthoor, Kottilpad, Kurumbbanai, Keezhmidalam and Midalam. In these mining lease areas, presently the fishermen only are mining and supplying the raw material to the company.

It can also be noted that though mining of beach minerals are allowed in the Coastal Regulation Zone, the mining has to be carried out only after getting the required clearance from the Environment ministry. V.V. Mineral has obtained all the clearances required for mining of beach minerals for all the leasehold areas. As this company is strictly operating following the clearance guidelines, none of their beach leasehold areas were affected even during the Tsunami.

Some times, the sea used to be rough and the fishermen are normally warned not to go into the sea for fishing. Hence, the fabricated complaints that beach mineral mining causes the sea erosion is totally wrong as sea erosion also occurs even in areas where this kind on mining is not done.

The following pictures clearly show that there are no houses in the mining areas of V.V. Mineral.

 pic 8

The following link in which Dr. Rajamanicakam , who normally gives interviews after getting money from Mr. Daya Devadas, clearly indicates that during Tsunami, beach minerals containing upto 70% were deposited on the beaches.


Another important issue to be noted is that V.V. Mineral is the only organization which continuously helps the Uvari village during sea erosion by supplying the waste sand to make bunds so that the damages are minimized.

 Pic 9

 Pic 10

In the facebook, it was indicated that as V.V. Mineral is mining in Periathalai area and due to this the nearby sea water had become in reddish colour. V. V. Mineral does not have any mining leases in the Periathalai location. Only Indian Garnet Sand company, in which Mr. Daya Devadas and Mr. DanushkodiAdithyan are the active owners has one lease in the Periathalai area. (G.O. No. 11 dtd 15-01-1994). Also these pictures do not seem to be of those in Periathalai and instead these are likely to be north of Thiruchendur.

Pic 11

Pic 12 

 pic 13

 pic 14

 Pic 15

 Pic 16

Further, by attaching the following pictures, they had indicated that due to the mining by V.V.Mineral the buildings got damaged. Actually, these damaged building are in the lease area of M/s Indian Rare Earths Limited and it is falsely stated as V.V. Mineral.

Pic 17

It is pertinent to point out here that on the face book this picture was mentioned that Periyathalai in Tirunelveli District. In fact, Periyathalai is situated in Tuticorin District of Padukapathu village and V.V.Mineral has no mining lease and only Indian Garnet Sand Company belongs to Dayadevadas alone have mining lease vide G.O.Ms.No. 11  dated 15.01.94.


In the Uvari Panchayat President election Mrs. Thembavani Pawersingh, wife of Mr. Pawersingh contested and won against Mr. AnthonyRoy. Mr. Pawersingh is the school friend of Mr. S. Vaikundarajan. Mr. Anthony Roy, had a wrong impression that Mr. vaikundarajan is behind his defeat and hence comes out with public statements against V.V. Mineral. In realty, Mr. Anthony Roy got defeated because of the financial irregularities done by him in the village and many cases are pending and in some of the cases he had been arrested also.

 Pic 18


It is worthwhile to note that all but six mining leases got by V.V. Mineral is in their own patta lands and as these are near to the beach, due to wind action, the minerals are deposited in these lease areas as indicated in the picture below:

 Pic 19


 This is purely business enemity between Mr. Daya Devadas and V.V. Mineral which started in 1988 due to competition in marketing their garnet product in Korea. As the quality of the product of V.V. Mineral and the straightness of the dealings (which is the speciality of the company till today), the buyer continued to do business with V.V. Mineral. ( Ref: Telex below)

 Pic 20

He had also written a letter to the Korean customer that V.V. Mineral is doing illegal mining. ( Ref: Letter below)

Pic 21 


He had been continuously wring petitions against V.V. Mineral to various government departments and even to CBI. But, all these were enquired into and rejected.

 Pic 22

In reality, only Daya Devadas was involved in illegal mining and was caught red handedly by authorities, when he was found guilty to have mined 12000 tons by paying royalty for only 4000 tons. In this case he was fined as per the following order:

 Pic 23

Even after this he had been involved in violations like mining about 39 lakh tons after paying royalty only for 3 lakh tons. In this case, the state government had found out the truth and cancelled all his mining leases.


In order to get away from his misdoings and to divert the attention from these facts and to create problems by taking vengeance against his long term adversary V.V. Mineral, he had been conniving with retired officials by  his money power and political clout to make false statements and publications against V.V. Mineral in the media in a planned manner. After verification, all these media publicities were found to be beyond truth by the officials. One of such incident is the complaint given by retired IAS officer Mr. V. Sundaram which was enquired by both state and central officials and a report was submitted to government of India. The report can be seen in the link


The above facts can be clarified through RTI act from Government of India.


Mr. V. Sundaram and Dr. Rajamaniackam were in the pay roll of Mr. Daya Deavadas and conspired to give false complaints can be seen in the video link in the web site


The above mentioned video depicts that Mr. V. Sundaram. IAS had accepted the fact that he had instigated Mr. Ashishkumar IAS to write the damaging report against V.V. Mineral. This clearly shows that the entire report had been fabricated with ulterior intentions. Hence, Mr. V. Vaikundarajan had obtained the related details and documents through RTI and had requested permission from the government for filing a criminal case against Mr. Ashishkumar IAS and the connected documents and details are available in the link


The details of the background of Mr. Ashishkumar can be seen in the facebook posting of Mr. Vetrivel on 08-03-2015.


Further, a detailed report is being prepared to prove that the report submitted by Mr. Ashishkumar is with ulterior motive and not the truth which will be published soon.


Based on present indications, in the case against Mr. Ashishkumar, the preliminary enquiry by anti-corruption department had been completed, the required documents had been confiscated and proper case is filed and is under detailed enquiry by the anti-corruption department.


All these being going on, the group with Mr. Daya Devadas is working day and night to totally demolish the V.V. Mineral who is the number one producer of garnet mineral in the world and has an excellent reputation in producing the best quality beach sand mineral products in India and involved in further value addition of most of the minerals to fetch better revenue for the country.  V.V. Mineral is the only organization in the world having facilities from mining to value addition to pigments and paints. It is one of the two organizations in India having facilities from mining to pigments. Hence it is not unusual for the spoilers of the country to group together to finish of this organization and to bring the coterie of a political party Mr. Daya Devadas to the forefront.  With this in mind, Mr. Daya Devadas picks up the fallible media persons who sell themselves for money and ask them to continue to publish fabricated news items against V.V. Mineral. However, all these had been contested and all these fabricators had withdrawn their media reports, social media publications etc.  A specific incident is the media hype by Mrs. Santhya Ravichandran in Economic Times. When the facts were brought to the notice of the editor, he had published  a retreat of the news. Unfortunately, by misusing the democratic rights many of the media craving for instant publicity publish these kind of news without verifying the facts to enhance their DRP rating and the poor nation suffers.

 Pic 24

The general public may ask why V.V. Mineral is objecting CBI and other enquiries. India is a democratic country in the true sense and is not like other developed countries. V.V. Mineral supplies their products throughout the world and as per the legalities in the countries, if any governmental enquiry is in existence against any supplier organization, the products cannot be imported into the country and this is the specific point Mr. Daya Devadas group is trying to encash upon. So if by hook or crook an enquiry can be instituted on V.V. Mineral, the exports can be stopped so that Mr. Daya Devadas  can enter into the vacuum created by the absence of V.V. Mineral. The purpose of all these activities are for his own interest and not in the national interest.


The repeated broken record makes the noise “illegal mining”. Can anybody indicate that V.V. Mineral had mined in an area where there is no mining lease illegally (as done by Mr. Daya Deavadas), or had not paid the royalty sincerely in consonance with their exports. All these noises are made only to divert attention from the irregularities of Mr. Daya Deavdas.

 V.V. Mineral is carrying out their activities following all rules and regulations. Due to this for the last 21 years is the continuous recipient of the export award from the Government of India. Also, for the last 10 years getting award from Tuticorin port trust for the largest quantity exported through the port. Even a common man knows that all these achievement cannot come by flouting rules and by illegal means.


When all these could not be sold to the public, the conspirators came with a new allegation that V.V. Mineral had sold monazite.


Monazite is a rare earth mineral containing some quantity of thorium and uranium and it is a radioactive mineral due to the presence of thorium and uranium. The monazite mineral cannot be transported or exported like any other mineral. Other stipulations like getting clearances from Atomic Minerals Division and storage to contain radiation will be required for transportation and shipping of this mineral. As rare earths containing other minerals are available in other countries, nobody is interested in importing monazite for producing rare earths. The Government of India owned public sector company, India Rare Earth had stopped production and processing of monazite from 2004. This is evident from the reply on behalf of Prime Minister in the Rajya Sabha for the question No. 420 dated 26-11-2014. These details can also be seen in the link


This is being released in this web site with the sole intention of stopping the malicious campaign being carried out by vested interests against Mr. Vaikundarajan  and V.V. Mineral.


These facts and more can be verified and unbderstood by visiting the web site of V.V. Mineral as well as the facebook VV Mineral release and also and

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