Our objection to Frontline News published on 24th July 2015 Edition

Beach Minerals

Jul 10 2015

Our  Beach Mineral Producers Association send the below mentioned objection letter to the news published in Frontline as “The Mother of All Loot” and “Life is not a Beach” print edition dated 24th July 2015 by Ilangovan Rajasekaran.  We hope they may publish the same in their magazine.


Date : 10.07.2015


The Editor,

Frontline Magazine,

The Hindu Group, Kasturi Buildings, 859/860, Anna Salai,





This is with reference to the News of cover story about Beach Sand Mining Heading as “The Mother of All Loot” and “Life is not a Beach” print edition dated 24th July 2015.  .


This is one sided story created by Ilangovan Raja Sekaran with ulterior motive only to help Mr.Dayadevadas. For this ill motive, they have used the  Ex-Panchayat president and their gang as a tool. If you go through the website of Fisheries department, you can find out that, there is no reduction or export of fish production on year by year. The over exploitation is the reason for reduction of fishes in sea. Global warming is the main reason all over the world for Sea Erosion.


No sea erosion is acquired in any of the beach mineral mining area, as the mining activity is carried out under the direct supervision of Geologist and Mining Engineers etc., Out of 7500 KM of Indian coast line, more than 1500 km coast is eroded, Whereas, mining is in selected packets only. This will establish that there is no connection between sea erosion and placer mineral mining.


A Group of fisherman were fed by Mr.Dayadevadas to give statement against the mining industries. We have a video on  our website for this effect, please visit www.beachminerals.org .


Mr.Ashish Kumar tampered the documents and created a forgery inspection  report with ill-motive immediately  after he was transferred from Tuticorin Collector. Permission for prosecution was sent to government with documentary evidences. All the documents are available in our websitewww.beachminerals.org.  You can go through the same.


Export of minerals does not comes under the purview of MMDR Act. In fact all the private mining lessees obtained proper clearances from MoEF, whereas, Govt., Company Indian Rare Earths Ltd alone not obtained environmental clearance or CRZ Clearance from MoEF.


There are videos in our  website, where the fisherman community panchayat president lady told there is no affect to fisher man community due to the beach mineral mining.


The picture you have showed with Mr.Gagandeep Singh Beedi is a mined mineral heap. Due to the ban imposed by the State Govt., it could not be transported and thus it become a national waste. The above picture is misused by your reporter to create this article.


In fact, the mega scale illegal mining was done by Mr.Dayadevdas alone for a tune of more than 3.9 million Metric Ton. You can visit the same in http://www.beachminerals.org/large-scale-illegal-mining-major-violations-tamilnadu-govt-determine-mining-lease-granted-southern-enterprises-belongs-dayadevadas-claim-president-federation-o/ .


 The motivation behind this news is only to prejudice the judiciary and the government. In our opinion, the said reporter may receive a huge ransom for that purpose.


Please publish our objection on your print as well as digital medias.


With Regards


N.Pauldurai @ Perumal


Beach Mineral Producers Association

6 thoughts on “Our objection to Frontline News published on 24th July 2015 Edition”

  1. This post is truth. Just for money Daya Devadas team told all false allegations. Utilise Frontline reputed magazine for their drama.
    Frontline magazine has to check the other end does it true or false before the matter print.

  2. To hide his malpractices, Mr. Dayadevadoss used ex.panchayat president to give false statement against the mineral companies who are doing business within law. The Story created by the reporter Ilangovan Raja Sekaran is misguiding the public and highly condemned.

  3. Victor Rajamanickam doing some illegal business and he is giving false statement to the reporter. The motivation behind this news is only to prejudice the judiciary and the government. In our opinion, the said reporter may receive a huge ransom for that purpose.

  4. Thiru.Dayadevadas who is close associate with Former Central Minister Mr.Dhanuskodi Athithan, who make lot of complaints against all the rare mineral mining lessees in Tamilnadu along with V.Sundaram, a Retd.IAS officer. As per the order of the Honourable High Court, a team of officials, inspected Dayadevadas mining lease areas and found large scale Illegal mining and serious violations in terms of Mining and Environmental laws. The Government issued show cause notice against which this illegal miner approach the Hon’ble High Court. The High Court dismiss his writ petition as well as his review petition. Meantime, Tamilnadu Government determine the mining lease granted to Southern Enterprises in Sittilarai and Thumbalam villages of Musiri Taluk vide G.O.(Ms).No. 8 Industries (MMD.1) Department dated 01.02.2013.

  5. It is really shocked that the the reporter of reputed group – Front line can be purchased . Moreover, how Front line published this issue without any basis / evidence.

  6. There must be a media ethics that opponent has also to be heard. The management of Front line must take action against the reporter .

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