Objection for News published in Hindu from 19.8.14 to 21.08.14

Beach Minerals

Aug 21 2014

The Hindu Tamil News Paper published Some False News continuously from 19.8.14 to 21.8.14 with Ulterior Motive.

The business rivalry is behind this false news.

Their main aim is to prejudice the judicial officers as well as the Government officers and thereby prevent V.V.Mineral from getting permissions for their pending Mining Lease applications. All the news published are false. In fact, they have steeled some photos from the face book and make imaginary allegations against V.V.Mineral. Most of the contentions are from IRE Ltd, Manavalakurichi area. But their attack is against V.V.Mineral.

Hence we send objection against the false news and invite them to visit the sea shore of three districts and two videograph all the visits in the presence of their editorial board as well as our representative. So that it will established that all the news published in “HINDU TAMIL” are false.

The objection letter send by mail as well as post by Beach Minerals Producers Association is pasted below.

The English version of this objection letter will also be pasted within one week.

After receipt of the authorities name to whom the complaint has to be made for publishing false news, a proper complaint will be filed against HINDU TAMIL for publishing false news.BMPA complaint against hindu – 21.8.14

13 thoughts on “Objection for News published in Hindu from 19.8.14 to 21.08.14”

  1. Why “Hindu” How much bribe have you taken from the opponent , your are kicking the daily bread of 18,000 families is this your habitat, dont you have any mercy blindly spreading the news without any proper evidence.Dont take the curse of those families which will make you disappear. .

  2. Hindu News this is really very embarrassing, whenever you put any news analyze it its true or not simply dont put any rubbish

  3. Hindu News neegha intha pota seithi poi intru unglodya paperla podunga 50,000 maakalin valvil velayadirkal

  4. Kadalora makkaluku vazhkai koduppathu HINDU ku theriyatha. Pathirikai tharmam theriyatha oru paper irupathai vida ……………

  5. இந்து நாளிதழ்லே உன்னுடைய நேர்மை எங்கே? நீயும் பணத்திற்கு அடிமையா?

  6. பல ஆயிரம் பேருக்கு வேலை வாய்ப்பை கொடுத்து அவர்கள் வாழ்வில் ஒளிமயம் ஆக்கும் கம்பெனிடா அது முட்டாள்

  7. இந்து பேபப்பர் என்றரலெ நேர்மை அது ஒரு காலம் ஆனால் இப்பொழுது பணம் என்றால் இந்து பேபப்பர்

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