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Beach Minerals

Feb 10 2018

——— Forwarded message ———-
From: Pauldurai Perumal <president@beachminerals.org>
Date: Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 12:10 PM
Subject: Objection to your article “Demand for sand leads to global ecological crisis” published on 8.2.18
To: mongabay@mongabay.com, maria@mongabay.com, editor@mongabay.com


            This has reference to your article “Demand for sand leads to global ecological crisis” in your official website on 8th Feb 2018.

We register our objection for the above said news relating to Tamilnadu beach mineral mining.

In your article you have referred that, illegal beach sand mining for construction purpose.  Please note in India beach sand will not be used for construction purpose. But Industrial heavy mineral (beach minerals) are permitted to mine from the beach with proper mining lease granted by the State Govt., with the approval of the Central Govt., and with Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ ) clearance  issued by Govt., of India and approved mining plan duly approved by Govt., of India.


The CRZ Clearance will be issued after detailed study of EIA and EMP reports prepared by the authorized agencies who are having accreditation from NABL, Govt., of India.  The Mining plans also can be prepared by the registered qualified person duly approved by Govt., of India. In addition to in India, Ministry of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines implemented Satellite Surveillance system to find out illegal mining. Hence there is no possibility for illegal mining. Before implementation of the above said system,  two companies by name Indian Garnet Sand Company and Southern Enterprises which are  associated with Ex-Central Minister Mr. Dhanuskodi Adithan involved in large scale illegal mining, the government take stringent action and determine their mining leases. By going through the article, we can understand that, it is based on the inputs from one Sandhya Ravishankar.


In fact, Sandhya Ravishankar is gang member who are threatening industrialist in a modern way and demand money. In Tamilnadu her title name is paid news reporter Sandhya Ravishakar. If we pay some money to prepare a story against a persons or a group she will perfectly do the same. Since she is a woman, our Indian law protect her.


They all are criminals.  Retired IAS officers and IPS officers also in the part of gang.  They will collect money and share among them. A small portion is spend to the fellow reporters and some digital shell media’s. Some printed media’s who did not receive any advertisement from VV Mineral group companies also joined with them. The officers who are in service also by misusing the power do some wrong. You can see the video available in http://www.beachminerals.org/video-home/   which will establish that, one district Collector has done wrong as per the advice of the Retd. IAS officer who is also a gang member. You can also find out the documents and complaint petition against the District Collector on the above said website.

A sizeable gang joined hands in spreading false stories against Tamilnadu Beach Mineral Industries. For this they get remuneration not only from other state competitors, but also from overseas competitors for Indian Beach Minerals.  This gang operates FOR MONEY  comprises of VVM competitor Daya Devadas, an ILLEGAL MINOR, and retired government officials like Ramanujam, IPS, Sundaram, IAS, Prof.Victor Rajamanickam and also some officers in power. Sandhya Ravisankar also one of the gang member. The above combo of rivals of VV Mineral with paid news writers Sandhya Ravishankar and more freelancers, brings up false allegations against VV Mineral. The ultimate motive is to spoil the fame of Mr. Vaikundarajan and to destroy his business and to prejudice the judiciary as well as Government against VV Mineral.  Sandhya’s Husband company delta4cast demand some contract in News-7 Tamil which belongs to VV Mineral Group company. Since Ravishankar demand was not complied, both husband and wife spread false stories in various ways. This personal enmity also one of the reason.

Sandhya Ravisankar has been continuously placing false allegations against VV Mineral, without any proof. Already Sandhya published a false news in the Economic Times, when we send reply they themselves accept that, the facts are not verified and published clarification available in http://www.southernmines.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Economic-Times-Apologise-news.jpg

Lot of documents, evidences and reply to the wild allegations made by Sandhya and other shell medias for money all are available in the following links.




You can find out the same.


All the reported matters on “beach Mineral mining in Tamilnadu” in your article are absolutely farcical and bereft of truth in them.   All these reports are totally false and baseless.  The PIL writ petition is filed by one Victor Raja Manikam who is the employee of VV Mineral competitor Mr. Dhayadevadas. Since the writ petition is pending before the court, we don’t want to disclose more about the same. In fact, without environmental study and environmental management plan and public hearing, no environmental clearance can be granted.  So your article regarding beach sand mining is false. We have more than 10000 employees who are working in the beach mineral mining. No single employee or their family member were affected either kidney ailments or cancer or any other major disease until now. It is pertinent to point out here that no such ailments to the people living in the village adjoining to the mining area.  But for the money get for spreading the false news , the paid news reporter gang spread this false news. You know very well that kidney ailment is a common all over the world.


All the allegations levelled against the beach mineral industries were already leveled by paid news report Sandhya Gang. Competent officials make detailed enquiry and submit report refuting the allegations. All the report copies and the motive behind spreading this type of false news including the nexus among the gang members all are available in our official website www.beachminerals.org  in video form as well as documents.


In fact, in Tamilnadu except Govt., of India Company, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) , all the private beach mineral mining lessees has obtained Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Clearance from Govt., of India and other Govt., agencies.


For your information during 2004, Tsunami in Tamilnadu, except private mining lease area, Govt., company mining lease areas are affected. Particularly more than 400 people died in a Govt., Company mining lease area village Colachel of Kanyakumari District, as, their operation is without getting CRZ clearance.


Thanks to National Green Tribunal (NGT), which stayed the operations of all the beach mineral mining lessees without CRZ Clearance.


All over Tamilnadu total 61 beach mineral mining leases granted to private companies. Out of which five mining lease belongs to Southern Enterprises and Indian Garnet Sand Company were determined by Government for illegal mining of 3.9 million M.Tons. You can see the same from our website.


You have mentioned that, export is made after the stoppage of mining operation. Is there any restriction to export the existing royalty suffered minerals available with the lessees and reflected in the stock register prior to the stoppage?


Therefore, your report reflects the article cooked by paid news reporter Sandhya Ravishankar. A section of Medias are here to write against Tamilnadu private mining lessees for which they have get remuneration. If you go through our association website you can find out lot of information about the motive and nexus behind this false news spread against our members.

One of our member VV Mineral have filed two criminal cases against Sandhya Ravi Shankar for misreporting the facts, and it is still pending.  She also filed one civil case against VV Mineral, which is also still pending in the City civil court, Chennai.

Everybody knows that the work allotted to Sandhya Ravishankar is to make negative and false stories against Tamilnadu beach mineral industries particularly VV group companies and thereby prejudice the judiciary. Whenever there is a hearing in the High court, she will aptly publish a false story just to prejudice the judges and create undue influence on the judges by sending the link to them through twitter or through mail. This is what Sandhya are paid for and that is exactly what she has done so far.  We are very sad to inform you that, it is not right to publish a news against this beach mineral industry even without a cross verification with the concerned persons or our association.


Paid news reporter Sandhya Ravishankar husband also creating the fake stories and hand over the same to Malayalam media which are close to her husband.


Since the pending case will be listed for hearing in the High Court very near, she and her husband and other gang members make this publish through your digital media.


So Please go through the above said links and find out the real fact and motive about this people who are writing for money and publish our objection in your website.



N.Pauldurai @ Perumal


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