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Jun 11 2015


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In the above shown link few exacerbated posts were wickedly registered against  V.V.Mineral. The reality of the posts were explained with the under shown documents. Based on that facebook has removed all the above said posts. Moreover crime action has been taken against the person who registers the posts. Since the false news has already been publicized all around in order to show the reality this   information is released.

 In the film Poiye Saatchi Actor Baghiyaraj acts as a false witness in a murder case. While entering the court after getting the money he acted emotionally and went to attack the accuse and his overwhelmed acting performance finally made the innocent man to get punished. Those complainants also were undoubtedly more genius in acting than Actor Baghiyaraj.

But according to V.V.Mineral, all over India V.V.Mineral is the prime Organization which has got all the statutory clearances as per rules and running business according to the legislative conditions. This can be known if any one visits the website of Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Environment and Forest.

Photographs published as Buildings are damaged due to beach sand mining in Uvari

 Pic -1

Source : )

Pic -2

The aforementioned photographs resembling areas were not adjacent to any of the V.V.Mineral Mines. All these photographs are taken from different places affected by coastal erosion. Prof:

In fact the mining lease areas of V.V.Mineral do not contain any human settlements, buildings, fisherman boat station. After assuring this only the mining lease applications will be recommended by the authorities. In addition sea erosion is a general global problem. The main reason for erosion is sea level rise and the root cause of sea level rise is climate change. India totally has 7000 kilometer long stretch coast. Among this 20%, nearly   1400 kilo meter stretches are under erosion. There is no connection between sea erosion and beach sand mining because mineral sand are the rejects of the sea and beach sand mining areas are depositional areas hence at any point mining will never leads to sea erosion.

[Source: Letter from Directorate of Coastal Erosion, Government of India].

Pic 3

From the book “Voice for the Oceans” published by International Ocean Institute it is known that due to climate change world wide sea level rise and sea erosion are occurring and if these phenomenon are not controlled within 50 years major cities will face the problem of drowning.

(source:  Page no 7 and 9 attached for reference).

pic 4

Besides already various newspapers have published news about global warming induced sea erosion.

Pic -5

pic 6

In the absence of human settlements, hutments and buildings in the mineral sand mining areas of V.V.Mineral this kind of criticism reveals how these posts are purposeful. Like during our childhood in order to bunk the class we never said fever to the class teacher because we can easily got hold of if the teacher places her hand on us so we planed to say head ache and stomach pain those ailments cannot be checked.  Likewise since sea erosion is experienced worldwide they have thought that it would be fair if they integrate sea erosion and mineral sand mining and these are their fabricated stories. Sea erosion is a global phenomenon which can be explained by the following examples.

Pic 7

Source :

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned no mining leases are granted to private organizations in fishermen habitations and boat stations. But in Midalam, Keezhmidalam, Kurumpanai, Chinna vizhai, Periya Vizhai fishermen villages only Central Government owned Indian Rare Earth Ltd has been granted mining leases. In those mines mining and mineral sand collection are done by the fishermen population itself.

Moreover as per coastal regulation rules without CRZ clearance mining leases cannot be granted after 21.05.2002. V.V.Mineral has got mining leases after obtaining all the necessary clearances. That is why even during Tsunami none of their mining lease parts were affected.

Some times extreme wave and storm surges will be very high. By viewing the state alerting the fishermen and insisted them not to go for fishing is a common practice. This will also prove that the complaints were false and artificial.

Photographic proof for no human settlements in V.V.Mineral Mining lease areas is attached here under.

pic 8

Due to Tsunami a huge quantity of mineral sand has been ejected out by sea. Almost 70 percent of mineral sands are ejected out from sea during this period can be viewed in the following website which was told by Thiru. Victor Rajamanikam the person now giving interviews against V.V.Mineral for the money paid by Thiru Daya Devadas.

(Source :

In the settlement areas of Uvari village V.V.Mineral has no mining leases. This area also affected by extreme waves. These details were already brought to light with photographs by Daily Thanthi news paper on 12.09.2010. The proof is attached here under.

Pic 9

It is more important that whenever the settlements in Uvari village, Anthoniyar Church and Kappel Matha Church are affected by extreme waves as per the request from Father of the church and Panchayat Head, V.V.Mineral is saving the places from damages caused by extreme erosion by dumping their waste sand in the the places. In order to limit the effects of sea erosion in Uvari, fishermen population requested groynes  from the District Collector and based on the recommendation from the District Collector groynes construction work is commencing. Few day before some private news channels have flashed the news regarding the groynes were not built properly.

Pic 10

In Facebook a new campaign was spread as sea water has become red in Periyathalai due to mining activities of V.V.Mineral.

Pic 11

In fact V.V.Mineral is not having any mining lease in Periyathalai. On the contrary Indian Garnet Sand company running under the Director Thiru. Thanushkoodi Athithan and owner Thiru. Daya Devadas only has mining lease in Periyathalai (G.O No. 11, Ms.No.11, date 15.01.94). Further this photographs might have been taken from the northern areas of Trichendur. Because usually the sea between Tiruchendur and Punnakayal only be red in colour like this. We can see this while we go for Sasti to Trichendur Temple. But in these areas V.V.Mineral is not having any mining leases.

Please refer to the article published in Dinakaran News Paper 1st Jan 2012. (Source enclosed).

Pic 12

The photos taken in Uvari from Kappal Madha church and their boat parking areas are attached below, which will clearly reveal the sea water colour is no way different.

pic 13

Besides sea water colour change is quiet normal in various regions of the world due to various factors. (Proof attached below)

pic 14

Pic 15 Pic 16

Besides the following photographs were released as these buildings are wrecked by the mining activity of V.V.Mineral. But in reality these buildings are present in the mining village of Government company. Showing that photos they have done untruth campaign against V.V.Mineral.

Pic 17

It is pertinent to point out here that on the face book this picture was mentioned that Periyathalai in Tirunelveli District. In fact, Periyathalai is situated in Tuticorin District of Padukapathu village and V.V.Mineral has no mining lease and only Indian Garnet Sand Company belongs to Dayadevadas alone have mining lease vide G.O.Ms.No. 11  dated 15.01.94.

In Uvari Panchayat election Thiru. Antony Raj and Uvari St. Atony’s Higher Secondary school Head master Thiru Pavar Singh’s wife Mrs. Thembavani were contested. In the election Pavar Singh’s wife Mrs. Thembavani won and defeated Thiru. Antony Raj. Thiru Pavar Singh is V.V.Mineral Managing Director Vaikundarajan’s school friend. So,  Thiru. Antony Raj blame Thiru Vaikundarajan’s influence for his defeat and he started giving interviews and statements against V.V.Mineral and Thiru. Vaikundarajan. In fact Thiru Antony Raj has deceived large number of poor children and involved in huge amount fraudulent. Regarding this nearly 80 cases were filed in various police stations and he was arrested. At present a complaint was given by the Director of Fisheries department and case was filed against him regarding abuse of  the food substances and kerosene in general distribution plan and misused the money in Fishermen Cooperative Society.

In support of Mining Activities : It has to be noted that the following seven Panchayat presidents and the panchayat members along with the public had submitted a memorandum in support of these mining companies in the areas as the mining companies are the major source of employment for part of these villages.

The seven fishermen panchayats are :

  1. Koodankulam
  2. Kootapanai
  3. Uvari
  4. Kuthenkuzhi
  5. Idinthikarai
  6. Perumanal
  7. Kootapuzhi

Pic 18

The pictures does not belong to VVM mining areas and any where near our operations. But these operations are in Kerala State near Chavara by Central and State Government companies. So this is also clearly a false allegation against V.V.Mineral.

Among the mining leases granted to V.V.Mineral except six all the other leases are granted for mining in  their own patta lands. These patta lands are situated near the coast and are replenished with mineral sands by wind action. The following photos will prove the same.

Pic 19

The background of the false allegations

From 1988 onwards Thiru Dayadevadas  and V.V.Mineral are having enmity regarding accuring Korean customers. In 1988 itself Thiru Dayadevadas  has went to Korea and with his political influence he wish to atrract the customers. But the Korean customers has not changed from V.V. Mineral which was known for its quality and honesty. Proof : Telex


Pic 20

After all his efforts since the Korean customers were not modify their state in 1989 Thiru. Dayadevadas has written to Korea as V.V.Mineral is undertaking illegal mining (Proof : Letter)

Pic 21

He has written a number of complaints in various names. All the petitions were enquired and are quashed. So he changed his complaining method as a first step he registered a new company in the name Federation of Indian Placer Minerals and convinced people to agree that as a  Federation and started writing complaints from the frederation. In this regard CBI has ordered company registrar to take necessary actions. (Proof: given below)

Pic 22

In fact Thiru Dayadevadas only carried out ill legal mining. But by using his political power he is continuously disturbing their business rival V.V.Mineral. Number of times he has got hold of by the authorities for illegal mining and penalty and punishment fee has been destined. The order copy of penalty destined to Thiru Dayadevadas by Authorities after discovering the fact that the company has quarried 12000 tons sand  by paying royalty for 4000 tons.

Pic 23

After that also Thiru. Dayadevadas has involved in Mega mineral scandal by paying only 3 lakhs royalty he has quarried for 39 lakhs priced mineral sand.That was also found out by the authorities and legislative actions have been taken and his mining leases were cancelled.



In order to get rid of from the cases and legislative actions and to take revenge on V.V.Mineral and to dissociate the customers of V.V.Mineral  by his richness and political power he made few retired officers to give untruth  interviews in few private news channels and intentionally disseminate false allegation against V.V.Mineral. All these allegations were thoroughly investigated by the authorities and reported as false. For example by using Thiru. Sundaram IAS a big complaints was filed and in news papers and television mega interviews were given by the officer, Finally the joint inspection team of State and Central Government investigated the  complaint of Sundaram IAS  and reported that it is a fake complaint. The copy of the report is available in . This copy was obtained under RTI Act from the Indian Government.

People like Thiru.Sundaram, Victor Rajamanikam  are working for Dayadevadas and for his sake they are filing fake complaints and all of them are an illegal conspiracy gang members. The detail is available in the website and link

In the aforesaid video itself  the retired IAS officer Sundaram said that he has made Thiru. Ashish Kumar to write the complaint against V.V.Mineral. Hence the District Collector Ashish Kumar’s report is also intentionally fabricated  fake report. All these informations were gathered after great struggle and arguements from various Goverment offices and Tamil Nadu Information Authority, V.V.Mineral Thiru S.Vaikundarajan has already filed petititon to the Tamil Nadu government  to demand crime case against   Thiru. Ashish Kumar.  The aforesaid petition and enclosures are available in the link

In addition in facebook one friend Vetri vel has registered four posts on 08.03.2015 regarding the background for Thiru Ashish Kumar’s report This can also be viewed for clarification. Moreover to prove the fact that Ashish Kumar IAS report was prepared with an intention, an elaborate post with all the required documents like this will be registered very soon.

As per the information at persent the petition was interrogated by the vigilance department  and the files are taken under custody and a crime case was filed against Ashish Kumar IAS and an extensive interrogation has been going on.

Even then from time to time they pick up some journalist and made them to publish fake informations by giving money. Knowing that legal actions were taken and the news papers were given clarifications in their newspapers. Based on our complaint a vast number of facebook posts were deleted from the facebook after verifing the proof. Recently also using Mrs Sinthiya Ravichandran associated within this bandit gang it was made to write as  one lakh crore scadal in a news paper and based on that they made various political parties to release striking comments against the Government for an CBI investement. Finally when legal notice were sent  and legal action was started the aforesaid news paper in their news paper itself published that the news they have released is wrong and it was published without reviewing proper evidence based on a pending rit petition only they have published the news and they simply end as we regret for the error. Economic Times news paper also on 17.05.2015  release regret note for the mistake. So medias in order to increase their viewers circle are often publishing exaggerated news. (Proof : Below)

Pic 24

The question may arise why you are showing objections  for CBI and other enquires. The fact is other nation’s law and order is not like India. V.V.Mineral is exporting their goods to developed countries and western countries like Europe and America. As per the law of their country if there is any enquiry pending against the exporting company those countries could not purchase any goods from such companies. So if they get order for these types of enquires the 25 years strive of the people to stop the sale and market of V.V.Mineral can be achieved. With this intention only with the help of various politicians, journalists and retired officers for business rivality Dayadevadas is doing these activities.

This universe has disciples who betrayed Jesus Christ for just 30 silver coins. Hence there is no marvel about retired officers writing complaints, giving interviews for the lakhs of money blowed by Thiru Dayadevadas. But as stated by friend Vetrivel they are selling their knowledge for money. They never say in any of the complaint that V.V.Mineral has illegally mined in this particular survey no. or village or complaint as mismatch in the royalty paid and sand quarried and here is the proof but continuously say like a broken tape recorder illegal mining  and illegal mining. The reason for their loudness is to made the government officials to relinquish their illegal activities.

But V.V.Mineral Organization is a legal organization. It has not done any illegal activities.  That is why this organization has received Best Exporter award continuously for the past twenty one years from the Indian Government. For the past ten years they have been receiving the Highest Exporter Award from the Tuticorin Port Trust. For getting this award nothing can be done against the rules because these awards are released after acknowledged by eighteen departments. This is the reason why they have changed their initial campaign illegal mining to thorium rich monazite was exported by V.V.Mineral.

In fact monazite cannot be exported. Customers will not accept goods containing Monozite. In addition the customs officers will allow import and export from the port after checking all the import and export goods for monazites and other radioactive substances. They are having all the required instruments. Moreover if radioactive substances are present in the ship it will cause danger to the sailors.  So radiation alarm facilities are available in the ship hence radioactive substances cannot be exported knowingly or unknowingly. Besides except India in all the foreign countries the price of monazite is cheap. Hence Indian government also has stopped producing monazite from 2004 itself. This can be verified in the parliament answer for Prime minister by the Rajyasabha to the question no. 420 on 26.11.2014 (Link:

All these explanations are published to put a full stop for all the planned fake campaign against V.V.Mineral and Thiru. Vaikundarajan.

For further details contact V.V.Mineral website. Facebook viewers can log on to VV Mineral News Release,, And we are always ready to give any other information required.


  1. Being endowed with the richest heavy mineral resources in the world Indian beach sand mining industry has a large scope in generating more income, employment and self sustained industrial growth. But false allegations may shut down the ways for development of the nation. General public must understand this and support V.V.mineral

  2. False allegations spread by politically influential persons and fabricated reports by IAS officer are the curse of the country which will ruin the development of nation

  3. After searing and knowing from the MoEF and Ministry of mines web site that this company has got all the statutory clearances and now I felt pushing a leading and honest organization to spend most of their energy in giving self explanation for their honesty is a self destructive process of the government. We must support this company.

  4. Coastal environment is a dynamic ecosystem and it is in continuous change. Sea erosion, sea level rise , extreme weather, storm surges are common global phenomenon occuring all over the globe. Blaming mining industries for this is utter foolishness beacuse mineral sands are the rejects of the sea. Occurence of placer deposit in a coast indicate that it is a depositional site not a erosional one.

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