India is just like an elephant without knowing its real strength.

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Dec 27 2021

Our country India has a coastline of 6000 kms out of which AMD has explored about 2000 kms, with detailed survey completed in 1000 kms alone. This is from speech by Joint Secretary, Atomic Energy Department in a conference on Beach Sand Mineral Policy. This 1000 Kms study establishes that India has 35% of the total world reserves of Ilmenite and Garnet. If all the 6000 kms are studied by AMD in detail, definitely India will have more than 75% of the total world reserve.

In terms of Rare Earth reserve, this 1000 kms detail study establishes 6.9 Million M.Ton. Whereas, China has 44 Million M.Ton reserve. If our government study all the 6000 kms in detail through AMD of Atomic Energy Department, our reserve will goes more than 41 million M.Tons. It means India will have rare earth reserve equal to China. So there is no possibility to threaten USA and other developed countries by China in the name of Rare Earths. We can dominate USA and other developed countries through our Rare Earth reserves. Which prevent AMD or DAE and our Indian Government from studying detail through AMD?  That is 100 million question.

Everyone knows that, Chinese companies alone prevent this through some selected media people and some corrupted officials as well as politicians.  They will send adverse reports to our top commandos. Since they have no idea about this, their reaction is “stop this activities immediately”. This propaganda is made only to avoid India from producing Rare Earth or from carryout exploration work for rare earth all over India. Thus China is enjoying the monopoly position in Rare earth and dominate all the developed countries including USA, Japan etc., Though India has equal to China in terms of reserves, India is now just like an elephant without knowing its real strength.  Will policy makers open their eyes?

I feel to write this while seeing this video link :




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