India is No.1 in Garnet Production – IBM Report

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Sep 16 2014


 World reserves of garnet are large and occur in a wide variety of rocks like gneisses, schists in crystalline limestone, pegmatites, serpentinites, vein deposits, etc. In addition, alluvial garnet also occurs in heavy minerals sand deposits throughout the world. Major garnet deposits are found in USA, Australia, China and India. Deposits of garnets are also located in Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and Ukraine. In 2011, India produced about 48% of total global production, followed by China 30% and Australia 16% and remaining 6% was contributed by USA and other countries.


World end uses of garnet and market shares are:


abrasive blasting media 50%, abrasive grains for waterjet cutting 30%, water filtration 15%, and other end uses 5 per cent.


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22 thoughts on “India is No.1 in Garnet Production – IBM Report”

  1. Congratulation to Garnet producers for bring India as No.1 against Developed countries of USA, Australia, Canada etc.,

  2. 96% production from Tamilnadu confirmed by IBM Year Book (Page 23-Hence this merit goes to the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

  3. It is a great privilege that India is holding No. 1 position in Garnet production in the world that too Tamil Nadu is producing 96% of Garnet in India. In that case, Government is banning this Beach Mining business for so many months in Tamil Nadu which will reflect and it is a down fall for India in the sight of world and hence Government should take a firm action as fast as possible to increase the Garnet Production which paves the way for more Exports.

  4. Garnet producers lead the way in production and also earn the valuable foriegn exchange revenue to the country. The industries are to be encouraged by the Government and people.

  5. The survey report says Tamilnadu fall to last position in developing states. In this situation if the govt. revokes the mining ban, it definitely rise from the bottom to top again.

  6. The central govt. unit INDIAN RARE EARTHS produces minerals in large scale. there is no erosion in sea and they are in this field more than 50 years. the state govt. only ban the private industries. it affects lot of employment both direct and indirect. TN govt. should revoke the mining ban.

  7. Garnet is the most precious product in the world. It’s make a more foreign exchange in our country and gives lot of job. So TAMIL NADU GOVERNMENT should revoke the mining ban.

  8. Huge amount of foreign exchange is coming to your nation through mineral export and thousands of workers getting job in this field. who oppose this mining activity blindly should take this point

  9. Huge amount of foreign exchange is coming to our nation through mineral export and thousands of workers getting job in this field. who oppose this mining activity blindly should take this point

  10. Garnet produced by private companies gives many employment and help their families in many ways. So state Government please consider to survive their lives.

  11. I am a comman man. I myself understand this mining activity brings lot of jobs like me. CM Puratchi Thalaivi Ammal avargal kandippaga thadaiyai neeka vendum. Thus we deserves increment and ramzan bonus

  12. Garnet is an important mineral used in foreign countries for many industries exported from india… Thats why India is number one country in exports. In view of the above, State Government please be granted to mine minerals immediately to fulfill the overseas needs…

  13. Garnet producers helps many employment directly and indirectly.. so please state government consider and take favourable action immediately….

  14. Tuticorin Port is no.1. for export. Among these, Minerals like Garnet is no.1. product to export from Tuticorin to various foreign countries. Due to statutory order of State Government, there is huge slash in export. So State Government please consider the above and issue favourable order to continue the export.. There is also huge loss of employment at Tuticorin…

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