Government of India failed to utilize the monazite for the development of our nation. Here we explain How?

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Aug 11 2017

The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) was reviewing the monazite policy . This is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse for DAE have consistently worked to maintain their monopoly over the cracking of monazite and have also consistently used scare tactics about ‘atomic minerals’ in various forums as part of this effort.

The problem is that DAE, through Indian Rare Earth, have had this monopoly now for 60 years or more and have done nothing with it. In fact just when China started to move on expanding their Rare Earth sector in the early 2000’s DAE shut down their monazite cracking operation in 2004. They have consistently shown that they are not capable of understanding the Rare Earth market worldwide or of the opportunity that India currently has and has had for some 17 years or more.

Further Government of India Company, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IRE) have failed to deliver their agreed tonnages of material to the Toyota operation in Andhra Pradesh despite having now had some 8 years to get their operation up and running. Toyota are now importing product from Estonia to fill their plant due to the failure of IRE to perform. The extremely poor performance of IRE in this project is well known in the industry worldwide and there is no-one that we know of that would contemplate working with IRE following this ongoing debacle with Toyota.

It is a complete and utter lie that private parties interested only to want to export monazite. In fact, three Indian companies  approached Department of Atomic Energy for production of Rare Earth even seven years back.   But even after Modi Government came to power, they did not implement “MAKE IN INDIA” Scheme in this Rare Earth segment.

There is no market for monazite worldwide at the moment for there are no facilities worldwide at the moment that can in fact process monazite outside of China and they do NOT need any more Rare Earth as they have their own resources. However Department of Atomic Energy and IRE Ltd, purpose fully spread rumours that, private parties want to export monazite to other countries. This is just needs to maintain their control and watch over the monazite stockpiles or concentrates to ensure it is not exported and they could still allow processing in India. This statement is actually complete rubbish.

What it means for India’s future if vested Government interests can hold the country back just to protect their own little empire. If India is to become an economic powerhouse these vested Government interests need to be swept aside.


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