Deccan Chronicle published one News about the sea erosion in Kanyakumari District very close IRE Ltd mining lease area which operate without CRZ Clearance. This will affect our members. Hence a clarification letter was send to Deccan Chronicle informing that, there is no sea erosion. Hence there is no sea wall in any of the private mining lease area or surrounding area. The above clarification send Deccan Chronicle is published below for our members and General public information.

Beach Minerals

Jun 19 2016


The Editor,

Deccan Chronicle News Paper

SP-3, Developed Plot,

Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai – 600 032


This has reference to the news item published in 17.06.2016, Deccan Chronical, Chennai Edition 2nd page under the Heading of “Four TN Beaches make Dirtiest Stretch”


In this connection, I want to bring the following facts to publish your paper. Mineral sand mining, if mined with proper CRZ clearance, it will not affect seashore or the coastal area.  For example, during the Tsunami all the Tamilnadu Coastal districts are affected, whereas, there is no damage either to the seashore or to the people, where beach mineral mining leases are granted to private parties. The main reason  they have complied the conditions of CRZ clearance and the mining operations are under the Direct supervision of Mining Manager, Mining Geologists and other statutory appointed qualified persons.  Hence there is no damage to private mining lease areas. Meantime, Govt., of India is also operating this beach mineral mining under Central Govt., company in Manavalakurichi, Lakshmipuram, Kollachel villages, where during the Tsunami more than 400 lives were lost on that area. The main reason is IRE Ltd was carrying out mining activities without proper CRZ Clearance under CRZ Notification and they continue to operated the mines even now without clearance. That is why, the erosion is very huge on that areas.


You have simply mentioned the beach mineral mining has affected the coastal stretch. Please note all the area where you indicated the road damage etc., are under IRE Ltd mining lease.  Vested interest persons who claim that they are environmental experts and fighting against private mining lessees did not open their mouth against IRE Ltd for operating the mine without CRZ Clearance.  But they are repeating allegations against some private mines who are operating the mine with proper clearances. There is no private mining leases granted in any of the above said four areas. Moreover in any area where  beach Mineral mining lease granted to private parties, there is no habitation and no sea erosion. Hence, there is no sea wall constructed by the Government. The main reason is the lessees are complying with the terms and conditions of the CRZ Clearances.


Without giving the clarification, simply publishing the News will definitely affect the private mining lessees who are operating in accordance with law. Moreover all the private mining lessees are giving preference only to collect the replenishable deposit.  Hence on any account there is no change for the coast line. If the coast line is affected, MoEF who grant the CRZ clearance will take stringent action.


Over exploitation also not possible, as, while submitting application for CRZ clearance EIA / EMP should prepared with experts which contain the yearwise mineable quantity etc., This will be studied by the Expert Committee of the MoEF and based on the Expert Committee report only, the CRZ clearances will be granted.  As a Govt., company, IRE Ltd did not follow any of the regulations relating to CRZ. Their expansion project was already rejected by MoEF.  Even now they continue the mining operation without environmental clearance whereas, mining lessees who obtained proper clearances did not operated the mine for last 2½ year.


For your information, all over the world coastal erosion is a serious problem. The main reason is Global Warming etc., The coastal mining leases are granted only in Kanyakumari completely to IRE Ltd who are operating without CRZ clearance and in Tirunelveli, Tuticorin districts selective pockets to private parties with proper CRZ Clearance, where there is no sea erosion or damage to the shore.  But even in non-mining lease area, sea erosion is a serious problem. For example Rameswaram and Nagapattinam Districts. Due to business motive one particular company who have political influence in the previous Central Govt., engaged some Retd. officials to spread rumours against this industry.


Dr.Victor Rajamanikam is the Head for this team. A video about this is available in   You can see that.


So please clarify the same that, no private mining lessees are operating in the damaged area, which you published the photos.


I am attaching copy of letter from Govt., of India , which confirm no CRZ clearance issued to IRE Ltd and copy of show cause issued by Director of Environment and Director’s letter to District Collector to take action against IRE Ltd. More than one decade passes no action by the authorities. But to save this company, the environmental clearance obtained companies are victimized.


For your information, I am attaching a link. ( You can find out that, all the states in India are affected with sea erosion.   Andaman Nicobar Island is affected more than 86% were there is no beach mineral mining. Hence please publish the clarification in your publication tomorrow.

Yours truly

N.Pauldurai @ Perumal

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