Copy of mail send to National Security Adviser to take action against illegal mining Don Dhayadevadas and his associates

Beach Minerals

Jun 28 2016

From: Pauldurai Perumal <>
Date: Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 11:44 AM
Subject: Real fact about illegal mining don Mr. Dayadevadas, an associate of Ex.Congress Central Minister Mr.Dhanuskodi Adithan making false complaints against all other industrialists – Humble request to take action

To                                           Date : 28.6.2016


The National Security Advisor,

Prime Minister ‘s Secretariat,

South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi – 110 011


Dear Sir,


Sub : Mines and Minerals – Real fact about illegal mining don Mr.

Dayadevadas, an associate of Ex.Congress Central Minister

Mr.Dhanuskodi Adithan making false complaints against all other industrialists – Humble request to take action – reg.


We would like to bring to your kind knowledge that our association is very happy with our Honourable Prime Minister’s initiative and action for bringing transparency in the mining industry for the growth of mining sector to improve the GDP of our nation. We like to bring the following facts on the Beach Sand Minerals (BSM) Sector.


Mr. DhanuskodiAdithan, Ex.Congress Central Minister and Mr.Dhayadevadas his political PA during the congress ruling period formed mining companies in the  name of Indian Garnet Sand Company and Southern Enterprises for carrying out  illegal mining in a big way (Ex.1).


This Indian Garnet Sand Company and Southern Enterprises have done illegal mining, outside their lease area to the tune of 3.93 Million M.Ton of BSM deposits without keeping any relevant records. This is the second largest illegal mining case in  independent India,  after  that of Reddy Brothers’  illegal mining to the tune of 5.3 Million M.Ton of Iron Ore. The Government directed the District Collector to seize all the illegally mined beach minerals including Atomic Minerals vide its letter No. 17407/MMD1/2011 dated 14.11.2011 and terminated the mining leases granted to these two organisations and intimated the fact to the Honourable High Court (Ex.2). The Honourable High Court of Judicature Madras at Madurai directed the State Govt., to take action in accordance with law vide its order in W.P. 175 of 2010 dated 18.11.2011.


This illegal mining Don filed a review petition against the said order, which was dismissed in R.A.61 of 2011  dated 12.12.2013. The Honourable Supreme Court also dismissed the SLP vide its order CC Nos. 740-741/2015 dated 02.02.2015 (Ex.3)


As all their leases were terminated and they had to close down the operations, they had been constantly writing complaints about other sincere organisations in the BSM sector to various agencies including the state government. It is also presumed that this group is purposefully doing this to curtail the growth of the BSM industry in India on the instigation of some Australian companies.


Till 1997, Australia was the top player in the BSM sector and India was in the seventh position. During 1998, when Mr.Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, the then NDA government realised that, even though India has 35% of world reserves, the production to reserve ratio was less than 0.001%.  Hence, the then government took a brave and positive action and opened the BSM sector to wholly Indian Owned companies. This had resulted in a lot of Indian Entrepreneurs entering this field, bringing the production to reserve ratio to 0.0018%. Presently our country’s BSM sector production is only 2% against a reserve of 35% of the total world reserves. Due to the bold action of Mr. Vajpayee ji, our Honourable Prime Minister in 1998, our export rose from Rs.30 Crore to Rs.7500 per year and also creating more than 50,000 direct and indirect employment. It is understood that to curtail the growth of BSM sector in India, an Australian company is using this group headed by         Mr.Dhayadevadas to constantly write complaints about all other companies with the sole intention of disrupting the BSM sector growth in India using their money power.


All private entrepreneurs joined together and formed one association in the name of “Beach Mineral Producers Association” in which Indian Garnet Sand Company and Southern Enterprises which belong to the illegal mining don group are not members. All other private mining lessees are members in this association.  The primary aim of this association is to aid the growth of this industry in India.


To make complaint against other companies, Mr.Dhayadevadas illegally registered a company in the name of “Federation of Placer Mineral Industries”, in which their only two companies are members.  When this was brought to the notice of the CBI, the CBI directed the Regional Director of company affairs to take action against the said company (Ex.4). The Regional Director also wrote to Govt., of India seeking permission to take action. Since, at that time congress was ruling at the centre and Ex.Congress Central Minister was associated with this company, they were able to close the file without any action. In fact that is not a federation but a company registered only for making complaints against others. This has been reported by various authorities to Govt., of India.


Mr. Dhayadevadas, who claims to have a doctorate degree does not have a genuine doctorate degree from any recognized university. But he got his fake doctorate by paying Rs.5000 to Indo Korean Christian Chamber mentioning that he had made research on the “Holy Bible”.  He is using his fake doctorate to threaten the officials and prevent the officials from taking action against his illegal dealings and activities.


This gentleman has business enmity against VV Mineral, one of our member companies from 1988 itself.  In 1989, when the congress was in Rule, our government deputed a group of 15 Members of Parliament to South Korea as cultural tour.  Mr. DhanuskodiAdithan was also one of the Member of Parliament and a member of the group. In the name of cultural tour, he visited South Korea along with Mr.Dhayadevadas and met VV Mineral customers and threatened them that, they are very strong political power in India and can control any makers in India. The telex message received from South Korean Customer is attached herewith. (EX.5)


Misusing the power of member of parliament, Mr.Dhanuskodiadithan illegally obtained certain details from the Director of Geology and Mining and used the same through Mr. Dhayadevadas for their business use (Ex.6).  If you go through the Southern Enterprises letter Head, you can find out the phone number of Chennai which is allotted by Government to Mr.DhanuskodiAdithan, Member of Parliament. Thus he had misused his MP position and government fund and the phone allotted to the MP only for their mining business.


Since he was influential person in Congress period as  Central Minister, to create problems to his competitors like VV Mineral and all other private mining lessees, misused his position to send team of officials to inspect all the private mining lessees and to get a report against the lessees.  However, all these inspection reports indicated that his complaints are false and these reports are still in record.


Mr. Dhayadevadas has filed number of writ petitions against VV Mineral and other companies in the name of Federation and through some other hooligans which all are dismissed by the Honourable High Courts.


Then Mr. Dhayadevadas tried to control the BSM sector by illegally capturing the post of the Vice President of Southern Region CAPEXIL. Thanks to the President Mr.Patra of CAPEXIL who refused to mend to his designs and he could not succeed in his attempt  to control the private mining lessees.


Mr. Dhaydevadas keeps with him retired corrupt IAS and other officials, retired professors by enticing them with money and religion and direct them to constantly write complaints against the members of our association.  This has been secretly videographed and available in our association website. You can find out the same in


It is also understood that even now, also he is trying to enter some committee by influencing certain officials in Delhi to curtail the development of the BSM sector.


By taking stringent action against Mr. Dhyadevadas and Mr.Dhanuskodi Adithan gang for their illegal mining of 3.93 million M.Tons and by encouraging other entrepreneurs to get into this BSM sector, the country can save more than Rs. 10,000 crores in foreign exchange by avoiding import of minerals and their value added products like  titanium chemicals, zirconium chemicals and rare earths. This will also result in foreign exchange earnings of more than Rs.50,000 Crores as well as getting additional revenue by export duty, excise duty, VAT, royalty etc. In addition there will be generation of additional employment for one lakh people. This will really result in helping our Honourable Prime Minister’s “MAKE IN INDIA” in a big way.


We will be honoured, if our association is given a chance to have a personal meeting with you and present the facts on the BSM sector. Only the president, secretary and our advisor, who is a BSM expert, will come for the meeting.  We are really interested to augment our Honourable Prime Minister’s development agenda with our involvement for the development of the BSM sector. The meeting need to be for a short duration of around fifteen minutes. Where we will be able to present the facts.


We therefore request you sir, for an appointment to meet your goodself for presenting the real facts on BSM mining.


Your confirmation may kindly be sent to our mail id :

Thanking you

Yours truly

N.Pauldurai @ Perumal

Copy to :

Concerned official


Southern Enterprises Partnership Deed

Govt lr to Trichy Collector 14.11.11

SLP Order -740-741-2015 dismissal order

CBI and company affairs letter

Korean Telex msg 1

Ex.1 Southen Enterprise telex to korea




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