The Complaint against Mineral sand Industry is false and created

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Nov 12 2014

Dear Sirs,  Since your daughter is involved in the case, you have given detail explanation with statistics figures. But all over India, last 25 years government companies, private companies, all altogether total export of mineral sand value only 30 thousand crore. The above figures are available in Commercial taxes, Ministry of Commerce, Customs, RBI, etc. of all Government documents. But since your son-in-law could not able to enter in this field, through you thugs, one Sundaram, IAS Retd., who file criminal case against Jeyalalitha as per your order, propagate that a private company in the last 10 years exported 96 thousand crore mineral sand and telecast the same false news through your family medias and thereby destroy the livelihood of 50,000 mineral sand employees families.  Is it fair?

Now every one know that the CBI is under the control of your family. They are acting under your direction. Hence,  you both decide to release the case like hitting and hitting. Crying, crying, as well as arrangement for release of the case. What to do?  The AIADMK Supremo cannot be approached. Hence there is non other to question you.  Above all the Police officers who are acting to register false case during your regime or put in the top place of intelligence and other wings in ADMK government.  Hence what you instruct will be feed to the present government ? Praise your kingdom ..


(translated copy of fb entry)


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