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Mar 23 2018

As usual, since one writ petition filed by VV Mineral is posted for hearing on Cochin High Court on 19.03.2018, the dacoity group against VV Mineral, arranged to publish one news against VV Mineral in Cochin, New Indian Express. Immediately VV Mineral Mr.S.Vaikundarajan send clarification, clarifying that, the one sided report by CBCID, Mr. Unnirajan is prepared with ulterior motive and the Honourable High Court, Kerala also confirmed that, the above said report should not be used as, it is created behind the back of VV Mineral. Mr. S.Vaikundarajan further clarified that, he already submit complaint against the erring officer to the Kerala Governor, Chief Secretary and other officials.  Accordingly, Kerala Governor write letter to the Chief Secretary and the Chief Secretary also pass order to enquire about the same.  Copy of the clarification mail send Mr.S.Vaikundarajan is given below for knowing the fact to the general public.


Dear Sir,

This has reference to your news published yesterday in the caption of “Cochin Minerals forced to import ilmenite; Tamil Nadu company smuggles Kerala’s mineral wealth”.

We have not expecting this news article from a reputed Paper Media, this is a story cooked by our business rival in TamilNadu and CMRL in Kerala.

The News article was published with ulterior motive and malafide intention to cause damages to the reputation of our firm. The Responsible reporter and the media’s did not ask us our comments about this before publishing. This publishing only to prejudice the judiciary, since one of the firm has filed a writ petition before Kerala High Court, which was posted for hearing on 19th March 2018, this was main intention to publish this article in the paper media.

We have been in this business for the past 25 years and we have good reputation among the public and Authorities. We have got sufficient Mining Leases in State of Tamil Nadu. There is no need to involve illegal mining in Kerala.

There is a long business rivalry between one Congress ex-central minister Mr.Dhanush Kodi athithan and his PA Dhayadevadas owned Indian Garnet sand company and Southern Enterprises and V.V.Mineral from 1988. By using the political power, the congress central minister has created lot of problems to V.V.Mineral.  All the complaints were enquired by the competent officers and found that this complaints are made due to business rivalry. Most of the report copies are available in the blog of  you can go through the same.

We have land in Kerala. We purchased the land to get mining lease. But because of CMRL’s intervention , we could not able to get mining lease. When the UPA Govt., was in power, through the Industries Minister Mr. Kunjalikutti, CMRL managed to pass one G.O. to prevent us from getting mining lease. So we filed writ petition in the Kerala High Court and succeed the case. The real fact is, IREL and CMRL are colluded as, we have some misunderstanding with both of them in getting mining lease in Tamilnadu as well as Kerala. You know very well that a PIL also pending before the Cochin High court about supplying material to CMRL in a low rate than supplying to Govt., company.  We have Titanium plant in Tuticorin, which also import Ilmenite from overseas countries, as, IRE Ltd refused to supply material to the end users of India.

CMRL, IREL and our Tamilnadu Competitors colluded themselves and cooked a report through Mr. Unnirajan, Crime Branch SP and supplied the copy to our Tamilnadu competitor to use against us. When we came to know about the false report, we filed writ petition before the Kerala High court against the said report which is created behind our back.  Immediately, the Govt., side told that, this is not a statutory enquiry report. However, the Honorable High Court did not accept the same and has passed the following orders.

“The Process of enquiry should be meaningful in a sense that it should give fullest opportunity to any person who will be affected by such finding, if he is not given an opportunity to convert and contradict. Therefore, during finalization of the report, petitioner should be given ample opportunity to contradict factual findings including matters withheld under the Right to Information Act.”

Till now, no enquiry is conducted by either the State Govt., or the police as directed by the Honourable High Court. Hence referring the above said report will definitely amount contempt of court.

For preparing a false report against VV Mineral behind our back, we have filed complaint before the Kerala Governor, Chief Secretary and other officials on 15.04.2014 to take criminal as well  as departmental action against the erring officer Mr. Unnirajan.

You can find the same in

Based on the above said complaint, the Kerala Governor secretariat forward the same to the Home Secretary to Kerala Government for appropriate action. You can find out the same in .

Based on V.V.Mineral complaint, the Chief Secretary, directed the DGP to inform the action taken against Mr.Unnirajan.  You can find out the same in requested-director-general-police-furnish-action-take-report-complaint-petitioner-shri-p-unnirajan-ips-create-false-documents-agains/

So this story is created by our competitor with ulterior motive as, one of our unit has filed writ petition before the Kerala High Court which was posted for hearing on 19th March. (Yesterday). This is their routine work to create false stories in the media at the time of Court case hearings to prejudice the judiciary.

It is worthwhile to mention that, our own lands are available in Kerala. The previous UPA Govt., rejected our application at the instigation of CMRL. But we have filed writ petition before the High Court against the rejection. The Honorable High Court, already set aside the rejection order in its order W.P(c) No.16999 of 2010 dated 14.10.2016 and directed the State Govt., to act in accordance with the direction given by the Supreme Court in C.A.No. 3608 of 2014 dated 08.4.16 and directed the Kerala Govt., to grant mining lease.

Though we have won the case during October 2016, we could not able to get mining lease from Kerala Government. It is worthwhile to mention here that, if mining leases are granted, out of the total revenue 63.97 % goes to State and Central Govt., through various taxes.  Please see link :

In addition to this, lot of employment opportunity will be created which will uplift the local people’s economic as well as social status.  Though we are eligible to get lease and though the Honorable High Court has pass orders to grant lease, we could not able to get the lease, due to the mis-propaganda made by people like CMRL. We did not enter any illegal mining in any place of India. This all created , since our competitor was very close to Ex.Congress Central Minister Mr. Dhanuskodi Adithan.

So please publish our clarification in your newspaper and inform the fact to us.

With kind regards

Vaikundarajan | Managing Director

VV Mineral


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