Our association send Complaint to Economic Times Management about the False News published in Economic Times on 01.02.2015 heading as “Illegal Beach Sand Mining of Minerals in Tamilnadu may be a Scam worth Rs. 1 Lakh Crore. The complaint send by E-Mail as well as letter is posted below.

Beach Minerals

Feb 03 2015

Date : 03.02.2015


1. Grievances Redressal Officer, Economic Times, Internet Limited,

Plot No.391 Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 302.

2. The Editor, Economic Times, Internet Limited, Plot No.391 Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 302.

3. The Editor, Economic Times,  Times House,  7, Bhadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi – 110 002

4. The Editor, Economic Times, Times House 126-127,

Chamiers Road, Nandanam,  Chennai – 600 035

Esteemed Sirs,

A news item has been published in your esteemed paper wherein  “Illegal Beach Sand mining of Minerals in Tamilnadu may be a scam worth Rs.1 lakh crore” is alleged to have taken place.  This has been reported by your reporter Ms.Santhya Ravichandran with an oblique motive contrary to the truth and reality.  Such publication of baseless report without verifying the facts and also without corroborative documentary evidence does not speak well of your journalistic tradition built over these years and also it is tantamount to violating  all the basic tenets expected of a well reputed paper. Let us illustrate a few examples culled out from your news item to prove as to how the new item is bereft of basic truth.

Your reporter Ms.Santhya has mentioned a name of a person who had been afflicted with kidney problem in Ovari village.  Further another false reporting has been made as if another person also died.  Your reporter has attributed the reason that both of them had lived near the place where beach sand mining is going on.  When your reporter has chosen to report these two cases; it is indeed  a bizarre that she has not taken care to furnish authentic medical certificates to substantiate her above contention.  If it were true that ‘kidney failure’ is only due to beach sand mining, there should have been several such instances of kidney failure cases of human beings first in ‘Chavara’ in Kerala, second in ‘Chandrapur’ in Odisha and third in ‘Manavalakurichi’ in kanyakumari district wherein only ‘radioactive monazite mineral’ occurring in association with beach sand minerals is being extensively mined over several decades.

Is it fair on your part to publish all unsubstantiated baseless news reported only with sinister motive by your reporter?

There are cases of ‘kidney failures’ affected by several thousands of people elsewhere in the country where there is no beach sand mining at all.  Several reasons are imputed for kidney failures.  Would any one believe that a false rumor is spread that one of the reasons for kidney failure is that those who come in contact and in touch with the toxic chemicals used in the printing ink of your news paper are getting affected by the same?  In the same manner that there is absolutely no such correlation in respect of the beach sand mining also.  We make a fervent appeal not to publish such unverified reports made with evil design in the mind of your reporter.

Your reporter Santhya Ravishankar has made a foolish statement that, hill is being broken to mine beach sand minerals.  It will only go to show that your reporter has intentionally publish the same to destroy the beach mineral industry.  In fact ‘Uranium’ is being directly mined from places in the States of Andhra, Odisha, Mathya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc.  Even in those places there are no authentic medical reports of workers or people living in such places getting affected by radiation or any other diseases like kidney failure, cancer etc.,  An expert committee report says that there is no adverse effect consequent on ‘Uranium mining’ .  Likewise, monazite content 0.01% of uranium and 0.25% of thorium. Monazite is being mined in Manavalakurichi, Chavara and Chandrapur  over several decades.  There is no report of adverse effect due to mining of ‘Monazite’ in these areas so fare.  Contrary to this existing ground reality and factual history, it is totally unacceptable as it is best with unsubstantiated baseless one sided allegation made by your reporter that mining of beach sand mining minerals which contain only 0.35% of Monazite in them causes adverse impact on human being.  Any fair minded man will easily understand the reason and background behind such a baseless report.

From the website http://www.hindu.com/seta/2009/01/01/stories/2009010150131600.htm    you will come to know of the fact that there is absolutely no adverse impact of radiation affect to the public and environment consequent on mining of beach sand minerals which are associated with the occurrence of monazite.

Is it a news item worthy of publication in your reputed paper when your reporter has stated without any medical proof or report that one person among lakhs of villages living in those areas has been affected and died on account of beach sand mining?  Before publication, is it not the sacred duty in the editorial section to call for proof?

Another howlers reported by your journalist is that beach sand mining has been going on for over 10 years in a place called ‘ Periyasamypuram’ and that it has been stopped now.  This is yet another false report.  In fact mining lease has been granted only end of 2011 and that the mining activity all over Tamilnadu has been stopped on account of an order of the State Govt.  Can your reporter  prove this allegation?   If we prove, will your management be prepared to sack the reporter from service?

Your reporter has stated that seven vehicles have been seized.  This case is related to seizure of seven tractors carrying sand to fill only ‘salt pans’.  A case has been registered against those persons and that case is still  pending.  This incident has nothing to do with beach sand mining at all.  Your reporter has mentioned a name of ‘Irudaya Jebamalai’ , Panchayat president of Periyasamipuram village. Please note that, he was Ex.Panchayat President.  There is a civil case between this Irudaya Jebamalai and V.V.Mineral regarding some land.  This particular individual had approached M/s.V.V.Mineral for purchase of his lands containing beach sand minerals.  Since the cost was prohibitively high, the company declined to purchase his lands.  This is resulted in a personal ‘feud’ between them.  In order to wreck vengeance, he has affiliated himself to one Mr.Dhayadevadas who is the business rival to M/s.V.V.Mineral to settle his personal scores.  This is definitely the handi-work of both of them only to instigate your reporter to include this personal matter in her report.

Your reporter has further mentioned the name of one Mr.Victor Rajamanickam.  This mentioning of the name of Mr.Victor Rajamanickam by your reporter is perhaps to show his gratitude to S.Radhika, her friend and the daughter of one Mr.V.Sundaram, IAS (Retd) or to repay her gratitude to the fabulous amount obtained in August 2014.  You please correlate these matters.  Also kindly visit the website http://www.southernmines.org/blog/our-objection-letter-to-hindu-translated-copy/

The past history of Mr.Victor Rajamanickam is very sore and  bitter too.  He is an expert in swindling exchequer’s money.  He has been flourishing on account if  his ‘ gift of the gap’ in English language.  He, in league with his brother Dr.Samathanam has swindled several crores of rupees of Govt. money.  Since a former Union Minister Mr.Dhanushkodi Adityan was also involved in the scandal, all of them are left untouched.    Kindly play the enclosed video recording http://www.beachminerals.org/video-home/ to find out for your self about their caliber honesty and personal integrity.

Your reporter has made a mention about Rs.1 Lakh crore loss of revenue.  It is not known who has computed this loss and on what basis such evaluation has been made.  Is there any proof submitted to your reporter by the complainant?   As a matter of fact unprecedented scandal of massive scale of clandestine mining of Garnet sand in various river basins of Trichirapalli district has been perpetrated only by a company called M/s.Indian Garnet Sand Company and M/s. Southern Enterprises which are associated with Mr.Victor Rajamanickam and his accomplices.  This mega scandal was brought to light by the District Collector of Trichirapalli only at the behest of the Honourable High Court of Judicature, Chennai.   The District Collector has estimated a total quantity of 39 Lakhs tonnes of Garnet sand illicitly mined by the above said company and the computation of loss consequent on such illicit mining is being worked by the District Collector.   Against the action of the District Collector the parties filed writ petition in the Honourable High Court at Chennai which was dismissed, against which the SLP was filed by the parties in the Honourable Supreme Court which has also been dismissed on 2-2-2015.   This is the honesty and integrity of such persons who are instrumental in spreading false rumors against their business competitors so as to with a view to eliminating them from this field.  Therefore, it is invited to visit our website to find out further information on this, which contain state and Central Govt., officers joint inspection report submitted after verifying all the documents established that this allegation is false. You can find out this, in  5th para reply of report dated 08.05.2013 available in http://www.beachminerals.org/wild-allegations-leveled-v-v-mineral-v-sundaram-ias-found-wrong-motive-envy-vindictive-far-away-truth/ This can be verified from Ministry of Mines in New Delhi.

There are several reports already disseminated through several print  and electronic media that false rumors are being spread by the same vested interest archestrated by three ‘crony people’.

Your reporter Santhya has further stated that a former District Collector of Thoothukudi Mr.Asish Kumar has reported about illicit mining of beach sand minerals.  This particular District Collector had prepared his false reports after obtaining  illegal gratification from persons who are inimical to some of the reputed beach sand minerals mining operators just a day before his relinquishing his office of the District Collector, Thoothukudi.  A complaint has also been lodged against Mr.Asish Kumar, the contents of which are appended herewith in the website http://www.beachminerals.org/complaint-ashish-kumar-ias-making-false-report-v-v-mineral-part/.

Similarly a complaint has also been lodged against Mr.Victor Rajamanickam. These facts of the complaints can be verified from the concerned offices and the website  http://www.beachminerals.org/abuse-misuse-position-retired-s-officers-mr-v-sundaram-mr-m-g-devasagayam-towards-aiding-abetting-one-mr-dhayadevadas-misdeed/



One fisherman village Panchayat President herself has reported that there is no adverse effect consequent on beach sand mining. According to her voice, there is well planned false propaganda only with malicious intention.  The concerned video and audio recording are already in possession of the Ministry of Environment and Forests  of Govt. of India .  We are also in possession of the same and that we have put out the wordings in our website.   You are invited to visit this site  http://www.beachminerals.org/fisherman-community-people-supporting-beach-mineral-mining-manavalakurichi-town-panchayat-president-confirm/  to find out the veracity of this reply.

It is strange to imagine whether your reporter does not really know or feigns ignorance of the basic fact that Import Export does not comes under the purview of the State Govt.,  But it is under the Import Export Policy notified by Govt., of India under the provisions of Foreign Trade Development Act. Please note monazite is a prohibited item and it cannot be exported from India. Can your reporter produce any evidence to show that the State Govt. has unilaterally permitted export of monazite? Does she produce any evidence to establish that V.V.Mineral exported monazite?  It is fervently appealed to your management to avoid publication of such news item reported by your reporter without verifying the facts and without any documentary evidence in support of her baseless allegation.  Such publication of baseless and false reports were reported by Santhya only to cause irreparable damage to V.V.Mineral and embracement to the State Govt.,  and to prejudice the judiciary as well as government officials.

If your news paper really follows the real journalistic ethics and decency, will you please publish this reply also in your paper so that people at large will come to know the truth now made in proper perspective.

It is once again appealed to you, sir, to kindly depute a team of fair minded reporters of your paper either from Mumbai, Delhi or other  northern regions to visit the coastal areas in Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Kanyakumari districts to study for themselves about the prevailing ground reality and truth.  Let the team conduct interviews with the local villagers and gather first hand information.  Let them also take video recordings or photographs of the areas.  After perusal of their independent unbiased report, your management will come to know the truth and come to your own realization that all the earlier reports of your reporter Mrs.Santhya are false and nothing but false.

Mrs.Sandiya is very close to  Mr.Karunanidhi, D.M.K. Chief.  Mrs.Sandiya herself has once stated with pride that she has developed fascination for studying Tamil language because of Mr.Karunanithi’s speeches and writings after return from Australia.  Therefore, there is every reason doubt her intention of making such false statement about beach sand minerals mining to make damage and embracement to the State Government and to help her friend Radhika, who’s father has made such type of false complaints already.

It hardly needs any further expatiation about their personal equations beyond the portals of the respective spears of activity. Please call for what are the questions asked by Mrs.Santhya and what are the reply furnished by V.V.Mineral and whether the above reply have been correctly published in the News. If you get the above details, you can find out that she wantonly ignore the reply furnished by V.V.Mineral and published this false news only to help their competitors.

It is therefore appealed to you sir that whenever any false allegation is leveled against any company no matter whether it is against M/s.V.V.Mineral or others kindly communicate a copy of such reports to the affected parties, obtain their reply also on such allegations and analysis them dispassionately before publication of such reports as news item in your illustrious paper.  This is the only well defined course of action in journalism to be followed meticulously with a view to upholding the majesty, dignity and ethics of fair minded journalism.   Otherwise any reporting of matters in a one side manner will only show them in poor light as many of the news item published in several yellow journals.

It is once again appealed to your management to analysis this reply together with other enclosures mentioned supra and take unbiased decision to fix an appointment either Mumbai or Delhi for us, so as to provide a chance to us to place all records and facts to prove over all behind this perpetual vilification and smear campaign against beach sand minerals mining in general and M/s.V.V.Mineral in particular.

It is therefore hoped in the light of the facts enumerated above that your management will see good reason to accede to our above request thereby provide an opportunity to us to prove our points and vindicate our blemish less position in the field of beach sand minerals mining.

Kindly oblige,

Thanking You sir, in the mean time.

With Regards,

Yours Truly






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