Notification issued by Ministry of Mines vide GSR 126(E) DT. 19.02.2019 and GSR 134(E) DT. 20.02.1019 are against National Mineral Policy

Our Mail to Prime Minister of India and other Govt., departments to withdraw the notification issued by Ministry of Mines vide GSR 126(E) DT. 19.02.2019 and GSR 134(E) DT. 20.02.1019 are against National Mineral Policy is given  below for our members knowledge.


Date : 30.06.2021



The Honourable Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi


Most Honourable Modi ji,


Sub : Request to withdraw the notification issued by Ministry of Mines vide GSR 126(E) DT. 19.02.2019 and GSR 134(E) DT. 20.02.1019  against National Mineral Policy.


National Mineral Policy, 2019, insists that the regulatory environment is conducive, to ease of doing business with simpler, transparent and time-bound procedures, for obtaining clearances. Since mining contributes significantly to state revenues, there is a need for an efficient regulatory mechanism with high penetration of e-governance systems. Mining contributes significantly to employment generation, thus, there shall be a keen focus on gender sensitivity in the mining sector at all levels. But Ministry of Mines Notification GSR 126(E) DT. 19.02.2019 and GSR 134(E) DT. 20.02.1019 are completely against the National Mineral Policy, 2019, notified by the MoM, Government of India.


Due to the above said notification, Foreign Investors will loose their faith over our nation for investment, as these Notifications amounts to termination of existing Mining Leases also. So, they feel insecurity to invest in India.


Even Indian Investors also afraid to invest in mining sector due to the above said notification. This notification is the main reason for unsuccessfulness of the auction scheme in mining sector.


Hence the Honourable Prime Minister may director Ministry of Mines to immediately withdraw the said notification. So that foreign as well as Indian investors will have faith over our nation as well as government will pave the way to attract huge investment and revenue to government.


Yours truly

Sakthi Ganapathi


Beach Mineral Producers Association

India can become No.1 in Rare Earth Production by permitting Indian players – What prevent lobbying China prevent this when they are permitted defense?

“Earlier India was Ranked 14th in the World in Garnet Production. Once M/s. VV Mineral commenced Garnet Production, India become Number One in the World, within a period of 12 years. The Hard work and Honesty of the Indian Players made India Number One Producer in Garnet.

India’s Rare Earths resource wealth is likely to overtake China’s wealth. But for many years, Chinese Entrepreneurs kept some of India’s anti-social elements, money-making journalists and corrupt officials at bay. That is because China holds 95 percent of the world’s Rare Earth Production and is intimidating all countries. China is exporting Rare Earths to the United States to meet 80 percent of US requirement and controlling the United States.

Modi has negotiated the technology for Rear Earth Production with the Japanese Government and currently Toyota (Japanese Company) is the only Joint Venture Company established in Visakhapatnam. Its Annual Production Capacity is only 4000 tons. But India alone needs about 8000 tons per year. India currently Imports Rare Earths worth about Rs 35,000 Crores, that means such amount Foreign Exchange outgo from India. Rare Earths are used in all types of Latest Appliances such as Aircraft, Missiles, Wind Turbines, Latest Cars, and Mobile Phones.

India has 1/3rd of the total world reserve in Beach Mineral. Thus it can win China in Rare Earth production. But due to the  wrong advice in framing policy for Rare Earths at the behest of Chinese producers India prevent private players entering in the Rare Earth Field. The Net result,  India is also dependent on China.

Very long back, private players like M/s.V.V. Mineral of Tamil Nadu, M/s. Trimex Industries Pvt Ltd. of Andhra Pradesh and M/s. Cochin Minerals and Rutile Ltd of Kerala had approached the Department of Atomic Energy, seeking permission to produce Rare Earths.


If those Permissions  had been granted, India would now be the world largest Producer of Rare Earths. This would have earned about 90,000 Crore Rupees in Foreign Exchange per annum. More than 5 lakh people would have got Employment. By implementing the Make in India Program, the Indian manufacturers  should encouraged and India can break China’s monopoly and become world No.1 producer of Rare Earths like Garnet.  This Video explains China’s monopoly and the Need for India to Produce Rare Earths”.

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Our Government permit private investment even in defense. But due to Chinese producers lobbying, refused the right of Indian producers. Will Prime Minister Office look into this?