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Vaikundarajan denies allegations made by brother

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Mining baron S. Vaikundarajan on Monday denied all allegations made by his brother V.S. Kumaresan relating to beach sand mining and cited family feud as the reason for the allegations. Mr. Kumaresan on Sunday alleged that beach sand mining was continuing in Kanniyakumari, Tirunelveli, and Thoothukudi districts, despite a ban imposed by the State in 2013.

In a statement issued on Monday, Mr Vaikundarajan said there was no mining activity since the government imposed the ban and claimed that his company was exporting sand after paying royalty to government.

Mr. Kumaresan had also said Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa had been acting at the behest of Mr. Vaikundarajan, who had fallen out of favour with the ruling party. Mr. Vaikundarajan said it was ploy to turn the government against him.



Vizag resumes export of rare earth oxides

Vizag resumes export of rare earth oxides


PublishedAug 24, 2016, 2:30 am IST

TREI had set up its processing plant at Vizag and Indian Rare Earths Ltd had started supplying the raw material from May this year onwards.

Visakhapatnam: India has resumed export of rare earth oxides almost 12 years after it stopped producing them.

Consignments of rare earth oxides like Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodymium and Praseodymium that are used in the automobile sector are being shipped out from Vizag port since the past month.

Export of rare earths has gained significance in the backdrop of China which enjoys the monopoly in the sector, restricting its exports over the past few years.

The Japanese owned Toyatsu Rare Earths India Ltd (TREI) had inked an agreement with the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)’s Indian Rare Earths Ltd (IREL) for the supply of raw materials-mixed rare earths chloride in 2015.

 TREI had set up its processing plant at Vizag and Indian Rare Earths Ltd had started supplying the raw material from May this year onwards. In 2011, then PM, Mr Manmohan Singh signed a contract with Japan for the export of rare earth oxides.

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Investigation Committee found no proof against VV Mineral – All Complaints are false and malicious


Thanks : Deccan Chronicle – 29.8.16 News paper

Index to the Documents to establish that Kumaresan Complaint is false – attached to Taluk Vigilance Committee report

0 – List of Documents

1 – Lr dated 11-06-16 by VVM

02-Lr Dated 11-06-2016 With Suit Register Abstract By VVM

03 – EC Statement by VVM

4-Consent Order Details By VVM

5-Scheme Of Approval Details By VVM

6 Statement-Of-Minerals-Stock-By-VVM-Vol-I

7-Statement Of Mineral Stock By Transworld

8-Statemant Of Mineral Stock By IOGS M-Ramesh And K-Thangaraj

9-Ministry Of Mines Lr No 16(103)-2007-M.VI Dated 19-07-2007 By VVM

10-Green Card By VVM

11-Re-Ware Housing Certificate By The Superintendent Of Central Excise By VVM

12-Commissioner Of Central Excise And Service Tax Audit Circle By VVM


14-Parliament Unstarred Question 2654 Br VVM

15-Tuticorin Port Trust Lr No-TRA-STA&R-CQMM-12-633 Dated 18-04-2013 By VVM

16-Press Release Nos-10-2012 Dated 19-10-2012 And 13-2012 Dated 12-12-2012 Of DAE By VVM

17-AERB Lr Dated 19-12-2012 By VVM

18-Ministry Of Mines Lr No 656(1)-2013-MDS Dated 08-05-2013 By VVM

19-High Court Order W-P 175 Of 2010 By VVM

20-High Court Order In Review Application 61 Of 2011 By VVM

21-Honourable Supreme Court Order By VVM

22-Copy Of G-O(MS)No-10 Industries Dept Dated 01-02-2013 By VVM

23-Govt Lr Dated 24-11-2004 By VVM

24-Govt Lr Dated 23-07-2013 By VVM


26-Telex Massage And Lr By Southern Enterprises By VVM

27-High Court Order In Civil Suit No 973 Of 1992 By VVM

28-CBI Lr To The Regional Director By VVM


Complaint against Beach Mineral Companies made by Kumaresan and Dhayadevadas are false. Officials of Taluk Vigilance Committee reported the fact.

Complaint against Beach Mineral Companies made by Kumaresan and Dhayadevadas are false. The company exports only royalty suffered old stock mineral alone. The Mining companies produced the transport permit details to establish their existing stock. No illegal mining. After verifying the documents and field inspection, the Team of officials of the Taluk Vigilance Committee, reject Mr.Kumaresan Complaint.  Since the attached documents are Volume with Transport permit details, the documents are indexed separately.

Radhapuram Taluk Committee Report – RTI


India may auction 70 atomic mineral deposits in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala

India may auction 70 atomic mineral deposits in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Deepak Kumar Sahu8/24/2016

Rare earth elements are used in modern technological devices such as smartphones, solar panels and wind mills.

With the department of atomic energy (DAE) submitting a list of around 70 atomic mineral blocks, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala may shortly auction these deposits containing rare earth elements such as monazite.

The plan is an integral part of the National Democratic Alliance government’s strategy for India’s resource security, wherein the respective state governments will bid out blocks which contains monazite below the threshold value.

The ministry of mines on 18 July notified the Atomic Minerals Concession Rules, 2016, allowing for auction of specific mineral deposits such as monazite, ilmenite and rutile, which are not used for atomic energy production, but have high economic value.

“We have received a communication from DAE that it has identified around 70 blocks spread over an area of 1,400 sq. km along the country’s coastline, which can be auctioned by the states,” said a senior government official on condition of anonymity.

These blocks are located in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, he added.

InfraCircle on 18 August reported about the mines ministry seeking help from DAE in demarcating areas containing specific atomic mineral deposits.

Rare earth elements are used in modern technological devices such as smartphones, solar panels, wind mills and hybrid car components, with China having a monopoly in rare earth element production.

A second government official, who did not want to be named, said the states will now be asked to expedite the auction process of these mineral blocks.

According to information available on the ministry of mines website, beach sand minerals are considered as economic heavy minerals and include ilmenite, rutile, zircon, garnet, monazite, leucoxene and sillimanite. Most of these minerals are found together, with their individual contents varying from deposit to deposit.

Experts believe that India is well-positioned in terms of rare earths and there will be interest among investors for these deposits.

“In case of rare earths, a degree of certainty in terms of reserves will be key for beach sand mining even though there are limited number of entities in this segment and huge capital is required for sand processing,” said Dipesh Dipu, partner at Jenissi Management Consultants, a Hyderabad-based energy and resources sector consulting firm.

After China, India has good reserves of rare earths in sandy beaches, which can be harnessed for local consumption as well as for supplies to other countries, Dipu added.

Queries emailed to the ministry of mines and DAE on 22 August remained unanswered. The state governments of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala couldn’t be immediately contacted.

As per the National Mineral Exploration Policy 2016, the government reserves beach sand mine deposits, containing more than 0.75% monazite in the total heavy minerals, for state-owned companies. At present, concessions for atomic minerals are awarded by DAE and related agencies.

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Government of India directed Tamilnadu Chief Secretary to take action against R.Dhanukodi Adithan, Former Minister and M.P. under the provisions of the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper use) Act, 2005 for making complaint against VV Mineral using Govt., of India Emblem bearing letter head

Mr.Dhanuskodi Adhithan was also share holder and director along with Dhayadevadas in Indian Garnet Sand Company which involved Mega Scale Illegal mining. Already as per the direction of the Honourable High Court, Tamilnadu Government take action against the said company. To revenge Mr.Dayadevadas made lot of complaints against all the beach mineral mining lessees in Tamilnadu.  As one attempt Mr.Dhanuskodi Adhithan make complaint to the authorities in letter head which printed Govt., of India emblem which cannot be used by former ministers and former MPs. This amounts violation of the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper use) Act, 2005 and a punishable offence from six months to two years imprisonment.  Mr.S.Vaikundarajan make complaint about this to Govt., of India.

Govt., of India, Home Department directed the Tamilnadu Chief Secretary to enquire about this and to take action in accordance with law. Copy of complaint letter and Govt., of India order to the Chief Secretary is given below.

Govt., of India order