Kerala Government Chief Secretary requested the Director General of Police to furnish the action take report on the complaint petitioner against Shri.P.Unnirajan IPS, who create false documents against VV Mineral

Kerala CS Direction to DGP

Kerala Governor, Secretariate directed the Home Secretary to take further action on VV Mineral complaint against Mr.Unnirajan vide Kerala Raj Bhavan letter No. G.S.4-1225/2014 dt. 30.5.14

Kerala goernor lr

VV Mineral requested Kerala Governor, Chief Secretary and other officials to initiate criminal as well as departmental action against Mr.P.N.Unnirajan, SP, CBCID for creating false documents against V.V.Mineral in convenience with their business competitors

complaint against Kerala SP to various officers and governor

Central Vigilance Commission directed the Chief Secretary, Tamilnadu to take action as deemed fit on the complaint against Shri.V.Sundaram IAS Retd., and others

Central Vigilance commission lr reg Sundaram IAS

Complaint against Sundaram, Devasagayam Retd.IAS Officers and others for abating one Dayadevadas in all his misdeeds – Requested to terminate their pension and other retirement benefits and to take action under National Security Act.

Copy of Complaint petition send by Beach Mineral Producers Association


Date : 16.02.2014



The Chief Vigilance Commissioner,

Sattakata Bhavan


Block A, INA

New Delhi – 110 001


Respected Sir,


Sub: Abuse and misuse of their position of being Retired

                   I.A.S. Officers  by Mr.V. Sundaram and Mr. M.G.

                  Devasagayam towards aiding   and abetting one Mr.

                  Dhayadevadas in all his misdeeds like illicit –

        mining of garnet sand, other connected anti-national

        and anti-social   activities – Action to be taken against

        them under National Security   Act and also terminate

        their pension and other retirement benefits–Requested-

         Representation – Submitted.




We submit the following representation and request you to initiate appropriate legal and administrative action against Mr. V. Sundaram, I.A.S. (Retd.) and Mr. M.G. Devasagayam, I.A.S., (Retd.) for the abuse and misuse of their enviable position towards abetting,  aiding and shielding one Mr. Dayadevadas in all his misdeeds such as illicit mining clandestine, transportation and unauthorized sale of garnet sand from Tiruchirappali district, Tamil Nadu and thereby render justice to us.


The Constitution of India provides adequate security of service and immunity to the Officers of Indian Administrative and other allied cadre services against all their acts done only in good faith.  Likewise, the criminal justice system  too as enshrined in the Cr.P.C. and I.P.C. confers magisterial status upon them to discharge certain essential duties under emergent situations.   Albeit these special status accorded exclusively to Indian Administrative and other allied cadre officers is tantamount to perpetuating the colonial legacy of British raj, they are considered absolutely essential only in the context of good governance and administration.  One has to tolerate whatever these cadre officers do while they happen to be in service even if their doings are not in good public interest.  After the retirement of these officers from service, if they indulge in some activities with the same old pre-retirement mind set as the agent and tout of their pay masters – other masters which are detrimental to the overall national interest, such activities should not only be condemned by the severest of terms but also such officers should be brought to book and justice under National Security Act for their such excesses.  All of their after retirement benefits should also be withdrawn forthwith in the national interest.


Adverting to the specific actions of these  retired cadre  officers concerned in the recent years, it is submitted that Mr. V. Sundaram, a Tamilnadu cadre I.A.S officer and Mr. M.G. Devasagayam, a Haryana cadre I.A.S. officer and these two retired officers who are acting as the agent and tout of one Mr. Dayadevadas who is a garnet sand mining lessee in Tamilnadu and  are aiding, abetting him in all his illicit mining,  transportation and sale of garnet sand thereby causing several crores of rupees loss of revenue both to the Central and State governments.  The primary assignments of these two officers are not only to shield and protect Mr. Dayadevadas from all his unauthorized activities but also send baseless allegation petitions against other lessees in Tamil Nadu and on his behalf, make representations before the Central and State Government authorities by virtue of their being retired I.A.S. officers on behalf of Mr. Dayadevadas.  Mr. V. Sundaram has gone a step further to file an implead petition in a P.I.L. in the Hon’ble High Court of Judicature at Madras against all the mining lessees of Tamilnadu which has been summarily dismissed after exposing his motive and his being an agent of Mr. Dayadevadas.


The Central government established M/s. Indian Rare Earths Ltd (IREL), a subsidiary of Government of India for mining and selling of rare beach minerals. The self-centered officials of M/s. Indian Rare Earths Ltd. were selling these minerals to the locals at a low price without adopting tender process regarding fixation of price for these rare minerals.  Among the various private companies which were regularly getting these minerals for such low price from M/s. Indian Rate Earths Ltd., the company called M/s. Indian Garnet Sand Co. owned by one Mr. Dayadevadas is one of them.  In this respect both the company and the Central government had sustained a huge loss of good amount income on account of the above said practice adopted by Tvl. Indian Rare Earths Ltd.  The private company Indian Garnet Sand Company, on the contrary, earned enormous profits.


Considering the huge availability of such resources of beach minerals (rare minerals) in the coastal areas of this country and also taking into reckoning the limitations in the exploitation of resources by the State and Central Government undertakings and also considering the demand for these minerals both in domestic and overseas markets, the Central Government announced Policy on Beach Mineral in 1998.  This policy has facilitated several dynamic Indian owned private companies to explore market abroad for all types of rare minerals.


The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India also earmarked a sum of Rs.10/- crores to unearth garnet sand deposits and to encourage export of them.  Various universities have carried out investigation for identifying the occurrence of these deposits and submitted report to the Government. Professor Victor Raja Manikam who is working in Tanjore Tamil University, with the help of his brother Dr.Samathanam who is working under Department of Science and Technology, swindling cores of rupees in various project names. None of the above details are available either in Department of Science and Technology or in Tamil University, Tanjore. Without any voucher, these money have been swindled by Dr.Samathanam and his brother Dr.Victor Raja Manikam. Hence a CBI enquiry to be ordered to bring the real fact about the swindled money of more than 100 Crores rupees.


In the beach mineral sand production, the countries like U.S.A., Australia and South Africa had occupied top three positions in that order.  Despite the fact that India has large resources of these rare minerals, it had once ranked 14th in the above list.  Due to the tangible and practical steps taken by the Government of Tamilnadu in the matter of grant of mining leases without any delay, India is able to secure top position at present.


After being dethroned from the top position, these countries spread a net to woo and catch unscrupulous businessmen in our country to destabilize our legitimate business in this filed thereby destroying our economy as well.  One such company which has fallen into the evil of design of the foreign countries is a company owned by one Mr. Dayadevadas who has already been an established and notorious illicit mining don in the Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu.  In order to hush up all legitimate actions against him, Mr. Dayadevadas had initially taken the help and support of a former Member of Parliament and a Central Government minister by offering him a partnership in his company.  After the said M.P. lost in the general elections thereby losing his ministerial position as well, Mr. Dayadevadas, disowned him and sought the help and support of two retired I.A.S. officers namely Mr. V. Sundaram and Mr. M.G. Devasagayam.  One retired railway official Mr.Kalyanasundaram also has been his accomplice.   Mr. V. Sundaram does not invest the money illegally obtained from Mr. Dayadevadas in India.  He has been stashing away the black money in the name of his daughter and son-in-law in  Singapore.


The primary assignment given to them by Mr. Dayadevadas is to send false petitions against all the beach mineral mining lessees except Dayadevadas repeatedly to various departments of both Central and State Governments only with the oblique motive to stop the legitimate mining operations thereby crippling the entire business.  This act will tacitly help the foreign companies to flourish in their business thereby facilitating them to restore their previous position in the business ladder.  These anti national people like Sundaram, Dayadevadas, Devasagayam, Kalyanaraman, Victor Raja Manikam, who are working against the national interest should not only be brought to book and justice under National Security Act but also the news should be disseminated and spread widely through electronic and print media.


Lot of money is being spent to engage some Members of Parliament also to raise questions on the floor of Parliament against us.  If the Parliament records are caused to be perused, the master minds of Mr. V. Sundaram, Mr. M.G. Devasagayam and Mr. Kalyanasundaram, a retired railway official behind such questions can be easily decoded.


Mr. Dhyadevadas, who is being aided, supported, abetted, and protected by these anti national retired officers has indulged in illegal mining, clandestine transportation and unauthorized selling of garnet  mineral for a tune of more than 4 million M.Tons.


In order to encourage export, the Central government has introduced ‘Export oriented unit’ plan.  There is no hard and fast rule in the Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulations) Act, 1957 that mining lease is a must or necessary for establishment of an ‘EOU’. Even an E.O.U. holder can run his/her unit successfully by purchasing the required raw material from the legitimate and lawful source of mining.  These retired officers raise their baseless and false allegations against the EOU units that without citing any rule under which they raise their allegations.

They raise false allegations that V.V.Mineral is encouraging illegal mining without even bothering to mention the details such as S.No., village, etc. from where they are carrying out such illegal mining.

V.Sundaram, Devasagayam and Kayanasundram influence certain officials of the State Government by virtue of their previous enviable key positions to act against the government interest.

In order to exaggerate matters to alarming proportions, they intentionally complain that ‘Thorium’ is being illegally exported for the simple reason that ‘Thorium’ has radioactive properties. They know that it is not that easy process to obtain ‘Thorium’ from raw monazite ore.  It requires ‘Reactors’ which can be set up only by the Central Govt.  They know these technological facts but deliberately feign ignorance in this regard. They use their brains only in a crooked manner for destructive purposes. The Department of Atomic Energy issued press release No. 10/2012 which can be downloaded from the following link :

Mr. Dayadevadas has taken photographs with Hon’ble Prime Minister and Central ministers in some public functions or a social gathering.  He uses these photographs only to threaten the officials of both central and state government to show that he is close to the higher circles in the centre. These criminal minded retired officers are working in tandem with this illegal don Mr. Dayadevadas.

An inspection team constituted as per the order of the High Court, have brought out the following startling facts and revelations against Mr. Dayadevadas, that  –

  1. i) he has obtained mining leases by suppressing several facts and executed the lease agreement without fulfilling the basic essential guidelines imposed the Ministry of Mines, Government of India.
  2. ii) he has obtained a mining lease for an area which has no sand deposit at all but contains only rocks.

iii)  He has paid royalty only for a quantity of about 2.75 lakhs tonnes but has illegally mined and transported about 39 lakh tonnes.  The district officials have seized red handed about 14 lakhs tonnes.

  1. iv) Because of large scale illicit and indiscriminate mining of Mr. Dayadevadas, the entire stream course is reported to have been obliterated, agricultural operations and drinking water sources affected, the check dams across the stream course damaged, embankments, culverts, etc. damaged.
  2. v) Inspite of these ground realities, Mr. Dayadevadas continues to carry out illicit mining in Tiruchirappli District only with the patronage and support of these two retired I.A.S. officers because these two I.A.S. officers are able to exert pressure and wield tremendous influence on the down line officers in the State administration by virtue of their former official position.

In this context, we only request you to visit the website to find out the veracity of our statement that these retired officers are working in tandem with the illicit mining don Mr. Dayadevadas. Mr. V. Sundaram, in particular, has filed implead petition in a PIL in support of Mr. Dayadevadas. Mr. V. Sundaram, Mr. M.G. Devasayagam and Mr.  Victor Rajamanikkam all three are participating in all the discussions and interviews against the law obeying lessees in the same news channel and print media as proxy for Mr. Dayadevadas.  This fact also can be verified by visiting the website

In the light of the facts submitted above, we humbly request that necessary strong action may be initiated against

  1. a) Mr. V. Sundaram, Mr. M.G. Devasagayam and Mr.Kalyanaraman to bring them to book and justice under National Security Act for their complicity, withdraw all their retirement benefits forthwith.
  2. b) Victor Rajamanikkam has worked in several central government and state government organizations.  Therefore, his involvement in the multi-crore expenditure in those organizations must be ordered to be probed by a competent audit team.
  3. c) Action maybe initiated against Mr. V. Sundaram for his stashing of ill-gotten money in Singapore in his daughter and his son-in-law name and all the black money must be brought back to India.  The concerned persons must also be arrested and brought to India for detailed interrogation and facing trial.
  4. d) The foreign company involved in such bribery must also be brought to book with the help of ‘Interpol’ and persons responsible for this flight of money from India must be arrested and brought to India for enquiry and facing trial.
  5. e) The master brain of Mr. Dayadevadas who is behind all these anti-national activities must be arrested under National Security Act.  The scope of this investigation should be extended up to the Central Ministers as well who are found responsible to help Mr. Dayadevadas in all his illegal activities.
  6. f) A blanket order may be passed both the Central government and State Government of Tamil Nadu not to consider the mining lease applications of M/s.Nila mines since the company is working in close association with Mr. Dayadevadas in all his above said illegal activities.
  7. g) Action may be caused to be initiated against one Mr. Anil Subramanian, former Under Secretary to Govt., Ministry of Mines, Government of India, New Delhi who is also intimately involved in the deep seated conspiracy with Mr. Dayadevadas and also against Mr. Ashishkumar, I.A.S., Tamilnadu who has helped Mr. Dayadevadas and M/s.Nila mines in all of their illegal activities in Thoothukudi district.

We therefore request your dispassionate action on our above representation and bring all the above mentioned culprits to book and thereby cleaning the system in the field of mining of rare minerals in Tamil Nadu and protecting all those who are carrying out their mining operation in lawful manner.

Awaiting your favourable immediate action,

Thanking you, Sir,

Yours Truly,


 N.Pauldurai @ Perumal


The Complaint against Mineral sand Industry is false and created

Dear Sirs,  Since your daughter is involved in the case, you have given detail explanation with statistics figures. But all over India, last 25 years government companies, private companies, all altogether total export of mineral sand value only 30 thousand crore. The above figures are available in Commercial taxes, Ministry of Commerce, Customs, RBI, etc. of all Government documents. But since your son-in-law could not able to enter in this field, through you thugs, one Sundaram, IAS Retd., who file criminal case against Jeyalalitha as per your order, propagate that a private company in the last 10 years exported 96 thousand crore mineral sand and telecast the same false news through your family medias and thereby destroy the livelihood of 50,000 mineral sand employees families.  Is it fair?

Now every one know that the CBI is under the control of your family. They are acting under your direction. Hence,  you both decide to release the case like hitting and hitting. Crying, crying, as well as arrangement for release of the case. What to do?  The AIADMK Supremo cannot be approached. Hence there is non other to question you.  Above all the Police officers who are acting to register false case during your regime or put in the top place of intelligence and other wings in ADMK government.  Hence what you instruct will be feed to the present government ? Praise your kingdom ..


(translated copy of fb entry)


Link :

Complaint Against Ashish Kumar IAS for making false report against V.V.Mineral– PART II

The evidences obtained from Various Government departments under RTI Act clearly establishes that Ashish wantonly make this false complaint against V.V.Mineral with ulterior motive. The above documents can be obtained or verified from the concerned Pubic authorities also.


Annexures – Ashish kumar complaint



Complaint Against Ashish Kumar IAS for making false report against V.V.Mineral– PART I


Former District Collector, Tuticorin along with V.Sundram,m IAS, Retd., and Dayadevadas jointly conspired together to concoct a fictional proceedings and a fictional report on 06.08.2013, so as to wind pecuniary advantages and valuable business gain for Dayadevadas and to wrongful damage the business and reputation of V.V.Mineral – Mr.S.Vaikundarajan made a Complaint to Government and Police on 14.06.2014 with documentary evidences.SV complaint agaist Ashish kumar – 14.6.14