Translated copy of objection letter send to Hindu Tamil daily about the false News published by them

Translated copy of Tamil objection letter dated  21.08.2014 send to Hindu and its report SAMAS by Beach Minerals Producers Association


1. The Editor,

The Hindu Tamil News Paper


The Hindu Reporter

Tamil News Paper


Dear Sirs,


Last 3 days false Pre-planned false news are published against the Beach Mineral business with ulterior motive. The photograph and news against the truth are being sowed.


This is with ulterior motive.  Against the truth.  You had mentioned that after the beach mineral business coming into existence, the bomb blast culture has come in.


In the past 50 years, the bomblast culture is on the higher side in most of the coastal villages.  The bombs are being preserved in the bungalows of the parish priests.  They are following this use of the bombs to establish their limit in the sea boundaries.  Hence, we object the publishing of these slanders. In your newspaper, on 21.8.2014, there was an article under the head “which was being taken(given)” wherein four photographs were published.  The 1st photograph is not available in any of the areas of the private parties running the mines under lease or in the adjacent area.  It is a photograph which was taken in some village in Kanyakumari District which is not under lease.  Those three photographs are not available in or near any of private party mining leases or their factories.  If you come in person, we shall take you and your chief reporter to the three district seashores along with us and shall prove that the news and photographs are false and published with ulterior motive after getting money from one business competitors.  Due to the competition between two entities, your reporter get money  from one group and publish this type of false news and photos and we are ready to establish the same along with your management representative and reporter.


In the same fashion, we are also ready to prove to you that in none of the areas, in which mining leases are granted to private parties, there was no sea erosion. But there severe sea erosion in Ennore, Thalamkuppam near Chennai were there is no beach mineral mining activity carried out.


The sea erosion is something which is caused naturally. There are various facts.  There is no connection whatsoever between the mining of beach mineral and the sea erosion.  Even in your newspaper, there is lot of news about the sea erosion.‐sea‐erosion‐threatens‐evacuation‐nearajanur‐beach/article2333421.ece‐tech/effects‐of‐sea‐level‐rise‐on‐tamil‐nadu‐coast/article892055.ece


When this is the truth, is it fair to propagate wrong news for the purpose of money by pre-plan?


Is there no sea erosion in other areas, where there are no mining activities.  We are ready to take you and prove the same.  In none of the private parties mining lease granted areas, there is no sea erosion and no waste water or sewage are discharged in the sea.


In none of the areas, wherein the private companies are quarrying mineral sand, there is no fisherman habitation.  All the above mentioned in your articles are available only in the Indian Rare Earth Limited, Mining area, which is functioning for the past 18 years without proper permission under Coastal Regulation Zone and without proper environmental clearance and without proper mining lease renewal. There are fishermen residential area and the sea erosion only in IRE Ltd, a Govt., company mining area.


I would request you to kindly go to the office of the Kanyakumari District Environmental Engineer, and to the Office of the Padmanabapuram Revenue Divisional Officer, and get the Vedio recorded at the time of public hearing in respect of IRE Ltd environmental clearance.


The head of the fishermen community of Manavalakurichi had mentioned “in which country there is no cancer? In which country there is no radio activity? None of the workers in Manavalakurichi lose their life.  Their legal heirs were not affected.  Hence, the news about the radio activity anomaly, mentally retarded are all the news which are being propagated by pre-plan”.  The video wherein the parish priests, the heads of the fishermen community and the panchayat board presidents have delivered the speech is available with us.  You can see the above in the above said offices.  Hence, please stop publishing false news against the truth for the money received.


Do you know?  As the earth became full of heat, the surface of the sea water is being increase. That is cause for the sea erosion.  For the publishing of the news, paper is needed.  For the preparation of the paper trees has to be cut.  No one can tell that to protect environment and to save cutting trees for preparing paper, we have to stop Hindu Tamil News paper, as, you all will object unitly and you can able to spear rumors and false news pre-planned.


The areas mentioned in your news, Chinnavilai, Periyavilai, Nerody and all are available only in the Indian Rare Earth Limited, Govt., Company mining area.  But your target is totally against the private mining lessee V.V.Minerals alone.  When your article is being read, there is no big difference in the character of the hero in the film “Sathuranga Vettai” and yourself.


You had mentioned about a book published by Mugilan had written.  He did not see any private parties mining area.  On the contrary, the work assigned to him is to spread the preplan false news against the V.V.Mineral company.  He had done that work very perfectly.  Even though the photograph of some other company mining was published in the front page of the book, his attack is completely against V.V.Mineral, as, that work alone allotted to him.


On that book, there are mentioning about Melmidalam, Midalam, Kurumpanai villages.  Private parities obtained mining lease only in their own patta land, which was also prevented by the competitors by communal painting. Is it fair?


Even though the above said book is being read for several times, there is no information as to how much sand was quarried from which village and as to how much money was paid to the government.  On the contrary, there are news about the scuffle cases, which were conducted in several villages, are being explained and the blame is being made with the imaginary tactic on Vaikundarajan.  It is also revealed that he is also equally good at imagination like you.


In which village commotion is not there.  In which village there is no scuffle. It is the usual practice that in a village the fishermen boats will be seized in another village and that the officers used to conduct the talks and release them and also the murder being done by throwing the bomb in the Mid sea also is being done for years together.   You mentioned that rare mineral mining is reason for this is nothing but the spreading of false news for the money received by you.


You had mentioned a good name under the heading about the fact finding committee. They have received some false reports from the competitors of the V.V.Mineral and publish the same in name as fact finding committee report.  In the democratic country, no one can prevent releasing such false reports. Hence that is not questioned. But in that book, the committee of the advocates about the alleged violations of the rules committed by the V.V. Minerals.  Nothing mentioned in that were true.  All required permissions are obtained. Some irrelevant news were published with high imagination.


Publishing of the above said books and spreading of false news in your newspaper,  are all being done with the ulterior motive in order to create a negative opinion in the minds of the government officers and the judges, against the private parties mining operations. With that oblique motive, pre-planed false news are published. You are wrongly describing the companies who are not doing any wrong, by leaving the actual wrong doers.

You have mentioned a false report submitted by one corrupt officer Mr. Ashishkumar. A retired I.A.S. Officer Sundaram who is working under Thiru.Dayaevadoss, openly told that he has induced Ashishkumar to send the report.  Mr. Devasagayam, Sundaram and some fishermen heads to whom Mr.Dayadevadas give instruction, how they should speak to the media all are video recorded and available in our website.


Victor Rajamanickam, a Professor has looted several crores of rupees by getting the same from Govt., of India, Science Technology department in the name of fund for projects  were his brother Mr.Samathanam is working and all the relevant files were completely destroyed from Govt. level.  For the funds obtained from Government Mr.Victor Rajamanikam submitted vouchers as auto charge, Xerox charge. More than 50% spend like that. Persons who are swindling in cores and cores, to avoid Govt., action they are supporting V.V.Mineral competitors in which the Ex.Congress Central Minister is interested.  They are spreading false news only to save legal action against their swindling money.


We are very sorry to say that “The newspapers like yours losing your quality and lowering your credibility and helping such type of people”.


If you take the statistics of the bone cancer, cancer, kidney problem, thyroid, district wise, in actual fact, the above diseases in this area are less.  In the past 65 years, none of the staff or his heirs were not affected by any disease.  Do you know about this?


The Highest radioactive minerals in India are available in Manavalakurichi. For separation of radioactive material IRE Ltd, a Govt., company draw water from Valliyaru River and discharge the waste water in the sea.  But you are spreading false news that it is being done by V.V.Minerals.


You bring Mugilan and your higher officials and editorial board with you.  You can inspect all the seashore areas of Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin Districts, in your presence it can be videographed.  It will establish that your news published is a pre-planned false news.


Please publish this objection in your newspaper.


At least in future avoid publishing false  and wrong news.  Alternatively, we are ready to took you to all the three districts seashore areas and coastal villages. You yourself take the photographs record Videos and we can find whether any item published in the news is available in the above 3 districts.


One Kappikulam Prabakaran had taken some photographs published in the Hindu newspaper and other newspapers and had released some false news in the face book against the V.V.Mineral by preplanning.  In this connection a complaint was lodged with the police department and complaint was sent to face book and it was removed by face book admin subsequently.


The photographs published in your newspapers were stolen from there.  But you had mentioned in an imaginary basis alleging that you had taken them during the night hunt.  I request all your editor committee to view the film Sathuranga Vettai.  There will not be any difference between the hero of the story and your journalist Samas.

Yours faithfully


N.Pauldurai @ Perumal

Objection for News published in Hindu from 19.8.14 to 21.08.14

The Hindu Tamil News Paper published Some False News continuously from 19.8.14 to 21.8.14 with Ulterior Motive.

The business rivalry is behind this false news.

Their main aim is to prejudice the judicial officers as well as the Government officers and thereby prevent V.V.Mineral from getting permissions for their pending Mining Lease applications. All the news published are false. In fact, they have steeled some photos from the face book and make imaginary allegations against V.V.Mineral. Most of the contentions are from IRE Ltd, Manavalakurichi area. But their attack is against V.V.Mineral.

Hence we send objection against the false news and invite them to visit the sea shore of three districts and two videograph all the visits in the presence of their editorial board as well as our representative. So that it will established that all the news published in “HINDU TAMIL” are false.

The objection letter send by mail as well as post by Beach Minerals Producers Association is pasted below.

The English version of this objection letter will also be pasted within one week.

After receipt of the authorities name to whom the complaint has to be made for publishing false news, a proper complaint will be filed against HINDU TAMIL for publishing false news.BMPA complaint against hindu – 21.8.14